UK Officials Vow to Locate Missing Asylum Seekers Amid Rwanda Deportation Chaos

Amid mounting challenges, UK officials vow to locate missing asylum seekers in Rwanda deportation plan, all while facing political and diplomatic scrutiny. Here’s the full story.

Legion of Problems

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The deportation of thousands of asylum seekers to Rwanda, a cornerstone of the UK government’s migration policy, has encountered a legion of problems since its inception.

Internationally Illegal

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The scheme has been declared illegal under international law and by the UK’s highest court. Amnesty International has also released a scathing report of the government’s treatment of asylum seekers, and extensive legal battles are expected before the scheme can go ahead. 

Up and Vanished

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However, another new wrinkle has appeared in the government’s hastily cobbled-together plan: thousands of asylum seekers who were due to be deported to Rwanda for processing have disappeared. 

Less Than Half

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The Home Office has been forced to acknowledge that out of 5,700 asylum seekers identified for deportation, only 2,145 can currently be located for detention. 

“Human Misery”

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This comes just days after the chief executive of the Refugee Council, Enver Solomon, told the Guardian, “The government is determined to recklessly pursue its inhumane Rwanda plan despite the cost, chaos and human misery it will unleash. We know it is likely to cause a catastrophic system meltdown.”

“Catastrophic System Meltdown”

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It appears the foretold “catastrophic system meltdown” has occurred as asylum seekers, well aware of the grim fate that awaits them, have logically decided to stop attending Home Office meetings to pursue their claims. 

“Range of Measures”

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Health Secretary Victoria Atkins has pledged that any missing asylum seekers “will be found,” promising that the government had a “range of measures,” including police raids, which could be utilised to ensure their removal. 

“Loud and Clear”

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Speaking to Sky News, Atkins stated, “We want the message to go out loud and clear that if somebody doesn’t report as they should do, they shouldn’t think that they’ll get away with it. They will be found.”


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However, opposition figures quickly seized on the government’s misfortune, holding the revelations up as evidence of extreme incompetence, which they claim as proof of the “chaos at the heart of their Rwanda policy.”

“Losing So Many People”

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Shadow Immigration Minister Stephen Kinnock stated, “The Prime Minister promised to detain and remove all those who crossed the Channel. Now he can’t even locate those intended for removal. How can the Conservative Home Office keep losing so many people?”

Further Delays

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The deportation process faces further delays due to parliamentary conventions allowing MPs to intervene and suspend removals pending a case review. This additional layer of scrutiny has contributed to logistical challenges and administrative bottlenecks, further complicating the government’s seemingly doomed deportation process.

Not Safe

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The decision to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda has drawn criticism and sparked controversy since its inception, with human rights groups arguing that Rwanda is not a safe country to send vulnerable people to.

Dangerous UK

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The deportation scheme has also strained diplomatic relations, particularly with Ireland, whose High Court recently passed a ruling that, due to the UK’s deportation scheme, Britain was no longer a “safe third country” to send asylum seekers to. 

Frayed Relations

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Concerns have been raised in Ireland regarding the potential for asylum seekers to head to Ireland instead of the UK, with diplomatic relations between the two countries appearing increasingly frayed. 

“Look at Their Own Laws”

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Recently, Ireland’s former Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, lamented that he wished the UK would “look at their own laws” regarding asylum claims. 

“Have a Conscience”

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Ahern added, “I suppose we should say that we’re very proud in this country that we do care about people that are fleeing from terrible conflicts and we do have a conscience in this country, because our long history shows us that people who are being persecuted need to be protected.”

“Off the Ground”

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Despite international condemnation and mounting criticism of Rwanda’s policy at home, a Home Office spokesperson was unrepentant, stating, “As the Prime Minister has made clear, we will get flights off the ground to Rwanda in the next 10 to 12 weeks.”

“Initial Cohort”

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They continued, “In preparation for flights taking off, we have identified the initial cohort to be removed to Rwanda and have hundreds of dedicated caseworkers ready to process any appeals.

Small Boats

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Despite the government’s plans, Channel crossings in the government’s much hated “small boats” persist, with many undertaking the dangerous journey seeking a better life in the UK. 

Five Dead

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Last week, five migrants, including one child, drowned attempting the crossing, underscoring the deadly conditions that can unexpectedly spring up in the Channel, one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. 

Rapidly Unravelling

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The Rwanda deportation scheme, despite no flights having taken off as yet, still faces significant obstacles, from logistical challenges to political opposition and diplomatic tensions. While government officials remain steadfast in their commitment to enforcing deportation orders, the hastily constructed plan seems to be rapidly unravelling.

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