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I’m Sarah, a devoted current affairs follower with a keen interest in keeping up to date with the changing global and UK landscapes. As a background writer and editor, I channel my energy into Now, where we produce insightful articles that inform and engage. I’ve welcomed guest writers to join my journey, expanding the range of stories we can deliver daily and meeting the growing demand—thank you, everyone!

At Now, we blend a relaxed, approachable style with a steadfast commitment to accuracy and relevance. While we may not be the first to report what’s happening, we aim to provide comprehensive overviews of the most significant stories, offering a deeper insight into the issues shaping our world.

Whether you’re drawn to thought-provoking commentary on the latest political developments, insightful analysis of global trends, or thorough examinations of emerging technologies, Now has you covered. 

Welcome to Now, where staying informed is both enlightening and enjoyable. We’re delighted to have you with us!

Sarah Griffin – Blogger, Writer & Editor

Publisher: Now is part of 365 Media Limited.

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Publisher: Now is part of 365 Media Limited.

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