Government Loses Track of First Wave of Migrants Headed to Rwanda

According to reports, the government has lost contact with a huge number of the first migrants who were set to take off the Rwanda within weeks.

Rwanda Bill Becomes Law

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After two years of preparation, the Rwanda Bill officially became law, but the Home Office quickly encountered its first significant hurdle.

Home Office Deportation Plan

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Recent reports have revealed that the Home Office has lost information on a large number of migrants.

Home Office Loses Migrants

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The migrants in question were supposed to be the first few thousand to board flights to Rwanda after the Prime Minister announced the bill had become law.

Thousands Missing

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According to the reports, the Home Office has lost all contact with the migrants, the number of whom reaches the thousands.

2145 Migrants Still to Find

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Documents suggest that 2145 of the 5700 migrants identified to board the first flights have gone missing.

Government Rejects Claims

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The government has denied any suggestions that it has lost contact with the migrants, claiming that the Rwanda scheme is still ready to be launched as promised.

Sunak’s Flight Promise

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said in his address that he believes flights will be off the ground in as early as 10-12 weeks.

Document Statement Leaked

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The documents reporting the missing migrants suggested, “2,143 continue to report to the Home Office and can be located for detention.”

Rwanda Back-And-Forth

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The Rwanda Bill has been the subject of months-long debate between Lords and MPs, with Lords attempting to make multiple amendments regarding its safety for migrants.

Lords Finally Back Down

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After spending months making amendments to the bill, one of which suggested that Rwanda was not a safe country, the Lords finally backed down.

Home Office Doubles Down on Flights

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The Home Office responded to reports that it had lost the migrants’ contact information by doubling down on Sunak’s claims that flights would take off within weeks.

Home Office Statement on Flight Times

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According to the Home Office, “As the Prime Minister has made clear, we will get flights off the ground to Rwanda in the next 10 to 12 weeks.”

Appeals Expected

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The Home Office also admitted it was expecting those targeted to appeal the decision, but insisted they had workers ready to process the appeals.

Home Office Ready for Appeals

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“In preparation for flights taking off, we have identified the initial cohort to be removed to Rwanda and have hundreds of dedicated caseworkers ready to process any appeals,” The Home Office said.

Home Office Refuses to Comment Further

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The Home Office concluded the statement by insisting “It would be inappropriate to comment further on operational activity.”

Sunak Bows Out in Style

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The controversial Rwanda Bill could be Sunak’s last dance, although some believe he won’t even be Prime Minister when flights take off.

Tory Party Concerns

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Recent reports have resurfaced regarding the ousting of Sunak from certain Tory MPs, as they believe the Tory Party could be wiped out completely after the election.

Tory MP’s Concerns

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An anonymous Tory MP called Sunak “An out of touch multi-millionaire” who doesn’t appeal to the public.

London Election a Factor

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Reports suggest that Sunak could be on the verge of being replaced by Penny Mordaunt if the Party loses the London mayoral elections to Labour’s Sadiq Khan.

Rwanda Rollercoaster

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The latest reports surrounding lost migrant information show the government’s topsy-turvy journey since announcing the plan for the Rwanda Bill.

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