UK Proposes Ban on Smartphone Sales to Minors Under 16: A Controversial Measure

Amidst mounting concerns over children’s smartphone usage, UK ministers contemplate banning sales to under-16s, prompting public support and political unease. Here’s the full story. Electoral Wipeout The Conservative government, facing a possible electoral wipeout in the upcoming general election, appears to be floundering in search of an easy, cheap, but also popular policy that may … Read more

UK Disability Benefits Changes Under Fire for Withdrawing Mental Health Support

Proposed reforms to disability benefits in the UK have sparked controversy as the government considers withdrawing support for individuals with mental health conditions, prompting outcry from advocates and opposition leaders alike. Here’s the full story. Policy Changes Work and Pensions Secretary Mel Stride has proposed sweeping and significant policy changes to disability benefits in an … Read more

Historic Shift: London’s Garrick Club Opens Doors to Gender Inclusion After 200 Years

The historic Garrick Club in London, known for its exclusive men-only policy spanning nearly two centuries, has made a groundbreaking decision to allow women to become members. Here’s the full story. Pale, Male and Stale The historic Garrick Club in London, a safe space for the majority pale, male, and stale elite of British public … Read more

Debate Ignites in England and Wales Over Abortion Decriminalization Proposal

MPs’ groundbreaking proposal to decriminalize abortion up to 24 weeks in England and Wales ignites passionate debates, signalling a pivotal moment in the fight for reproductive rights and healthcare reform. Here’s the full story. Roe v Wade Following the overturning of Roe v Wade in the United States, reproductive rights and safe, legal abortion access … Read more

Controversy Erupts as GB News Broadcasts Net Zero Conspiracy

GB News has, once again, come under scrutiny for perpetuating a conspiracy theory, with its recent broadcast linking net zero policies to planned depopulation. Here’s the full story. Right Wing News GB News, the right-wing, hedge fund-backed British news channel, has the dubious honour of being the subject of more headlines than possibly any other … Read more

David Cameron Alerts to Global Dangers, Urges Strengthening of Western Nations

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron has issued a resolute call for Western nations to bolster defence capabilities and adopt a more assertive stance in the face of escalating global tensions. Here’s the full story. Stark Warning In a pivotal speech delivered outside Parliament, former Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary David Cameron issued a stark warning … Read more

Labour Faces Backlash Over Decision to Admit Former Tory MP

Labour is facing internal strife and external scrutiny after admitting Natalie Elphicke, a former Conservative MP with a controversial past, prompting questions about the party’s values and leadership decisions. Here’s the full story. All the Same One common refrain amongst the long-suffering citizens of the United Kingdom is that politicians are all the same and … Read more