Controversy Erupts as GB News Broadcasts Net Zero Conspiracy

GB News has, once again, come under scrutiny for perpetuating a conspiracy theory, with its recent broadcast linking net zero policies to planned depopulation. Here’s the full story.

Right Wing News

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GB News, the right-wing, hedge fund-backed British news channel, has the dubious honour of being the subject of more headlines than possibly any other UK news outlet. 

Toxic Media Ecosystem

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The channel’s most recent debacle, which showcases just how toxic the UK media ecosystem has become since the channel’s launch almost two years ago, involved the perpetuation of a conspiracy theory linking net-zero policies to genocide.


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During a segment on the Neil Oliver Show, guest Jasmine Birtles made controversial and unproven claims that net-zero policies were part of a covert “depopulation” scheme whose secretive goal was to kill off 7.5 billion people worldwide. 

“Half the Population Will Die”

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Birtles stated, “One of the co-founders of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, he recently said that if we get to net zero half the population of the world will die. Now many will say that’s part of the point.”

“7.5 Billion People”

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She continued, “The agenda, the depopulation agenda, if it does exist, is to remove 7.5 billion people from the world.”

Bad Maths

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Incredibly, presenter Neil Oliver did not interject or correct these assertions – the simplest of which would have been pointing out that 7.5 billion people is not half the population of the planet – which only further fuelled the dissemination of misinformation.


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Oliver went on to say that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which has been adopted by all the countries which make up the United Nations, was “anti-human.”

“Unhappy Direction”

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He claimed this was because the plans were putting the people they affected “into second and third place, and it’s an unhappy direction of travel.”

Watchful X Users

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The clip was shared online by the X, formerly Twitter, account @StopFundingHeat, which expressed their dismay with the caption “GB News ramping up the climate conspiracy rhetoric this evening – suggesting to viewers that if net zero policies are implemented ‘half of the population will die’, and that this may be ‘part of the point’, within something called ‘the depopulation agenda’…”

No Evidence

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Birtles’ alarming claims regarding the depopulation agenda linked to net zero are not supported by scientific evidence and are regarded as a conspiracy theory pushed by several far-right organisations. 

Removing Atmospheric Carbon

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The concept of net zero, endorsed by governments globally, aims to balance carbon emissions with measures to remove an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. 

Safeguard Human Life

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These measures, including afforestation and carbon capture technology, are designed to mitigate the effects of climate change and safeguard human life.

Overwhelming Consensus

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The scientific community overwhelmingly agrees that climate change poses a significant threat to the planet and the future of human civilisation. 

Catastrophic Consequences

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Failure to address rising carbon emissions could lead to catastrophic consequences, including sea-level rise, disruption of ecosystems, and extreme weather events, such as the record-breaking rainfall experienced in the UK this spring, which is widely predicted to lead to food shortages and price rises. 

Pushing Misinformation

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GB News has a chequered history of pushing misinformation and conspiracy theories and, since its inception, has been heavily scrutinised for its editorial practices. 

Numerous Enquiries

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The channel has faced numerous inquiries from Ofcom, with several breaches of broadcasting standards recorded. 

Carving Out a Niche

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Despite these controversies, GB News remains a prominent platform in the British media landscape. It is attempting to carve out a niche for itself similar to the one filled by Fox News in the US, pushing a right-wing agenda throughout its news reporting. 


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The commitment to achieving net-zero emissions is crucial in addressing the climate crisis, transitioning to renewable energy sources, improving energy efficiency, and implementing nature-based solutions.

Sustainable Future

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With these not-inconsiderable changes, countries can mitigate the adverse effects of climate change and create a sustainable future for future generations. 

Opportunities for Innovation

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While the transition to net zero presents challenges, such as technological limitations and socio-economic implications, it also offers opportunities for innovation and economic growth. 

Habitable Planet

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Investing in renewable energy infrastructure, green technologies, and sustainable practices can spur job creation and ensure the planet remains habitable.

UK Underwater

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The implications of not tackling the climate catastrophe could be devastating, with campaign group Climate Central suggesting that left unchecked, vast areas of the UK could be underwater by 2050. 

Damning Indictment

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The most recent controversy surrounding GB News is a damning indictment of an apparent news channel that seems hell-bent on pushing misinformation on the British public, regardless if the statements made on the channel have any proof. 

50 Investigations

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Since 2021, GB News has been investigated by Ofcom over 50 times, and there are currently eight open investigations into its editorial stance. 

Accurate, Reliable Information

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With misinformation becoming more prevalent, the need for reliable, accurate, and proven information has never been more apparent. It seems very difficult for a channel like GB News to be up to this task.

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