Sunak’s ‘Hung Parliament’ Forecast Triggers Tory Backlash After Election Losses

Members of the Tory Party have slammed Sunak’s assertion that local election results are pointing toward a “hung Parliament” despite huge Tory losses.

Sunak’s Admission

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has insisted that Britain is heading for a hung Parliament despite suffering brutal losses in the local elections.

A Monumental Loss

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After losing over 400 seats in the local elections, the Conservative Party looks like it won’t have much power heading into the general elections later in the year.

Labour Party Not Exceeding Expectations

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Although polls predicted the Tories to lose heavily to the Labour Party in the local elections, the Labour Party didn’t win as many seats as it had hoped.

A Shift in Focus

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After the results of the local elections became apparent, the Prime Minister shifted his focus to the general election where he appeared to have admitted defeat.

Conservatives on the Verge of Defeat

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Sunak said in an interview that he knew the Conservatives were about to lose an election to the Labour Party for the first time in nearly two decades.

Heading for a Hung Parliament

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“These results suggest we are heading for a hung parliament with Labour as the largest party,” said the Prime Minister.

Public Shows Lack of Trust

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Many have criticised the Prime Minister’s predictions since the Tories lost almost all their seats in the local elections, showing the public’s discontent with the current government.

Fallout from Local Elections

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Following heavy losses in local polls, Prime Minister Sunak anticipates further repercussions for the Conservative Party.

Starmer a “Disaster”

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“Keir Starmer propped up in Downing Street by the SNP, Liberal Democrats and the Greens would be a disaster for Britain,” Sunak warned.

The Conservatives’ Plan

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“The country doesn’t need more political horse trading, but action. We are the only party that has a plan to deliver on the priorities of the people,” Sunak insisted.

“Plan Is Working” Despite Defeats

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Sunak showed more optimism in the days after the local election defeats that exceeded 400, arguing that the Tories’ “plan is working.”

Unexpected Defeats

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The recent local election results saw the Conservatives losing the East and West Midlands mayoral race to the Labour Party, important areas for the general election.

Disappointing Day in West Midlands

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Transport Secretary Mark Harper called the West Midlands mayoral defeat, which was one of the few unexpected, “disappointing” adding that the Party lost “dedicated” councillors.

Sunak “Up for the Fight”

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“There is everything to fight for. And the Tories under Rishi Sunak are up for the fight,” Harper said.

Former Home Secretary Has Her Say 

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On the other hand, former Home Secretary Suella Braverman who was dismissed from her role by the Prime Minister countered Harper’s argument.

Braverman’s Counter-Argument

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Braverman argued that despite Harper’s claims, the plan isn’t working and the Party is heading for its largest defeat in the general election for decades.

Tory Worries Come Election Day

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“The plan is not working,” Braverman insisted, “at this rate we will be lucky to have any Conservative MPs at the next election.”

Braverman in “Despair”

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Braverman admitted that she was devastated to see the results of the local elections, claiming “The plan is not working and I despair at these terrible results.”

Tory Wipe Out?

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Sunak’s claims have been criticised by fellow Tory MPs and the opposition, with the Conservatives likely to be wiped out come election day.

Losing Out in London

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Some believed that if the Tories lost out to the London mayoral elections, which they did to Labour’s Sadiq Khan, Sunak might have to call the election sooner than anticipated.

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