Super Bowl Players’ Payouts Reach New Highs Amid Rising Snack Prices

Super Bowl 58 financially rewarded the players more than ever, but President Biden was focused on “Shrinkflation” during the pre-game build-up. Here’s a breakdown of the prize money secured per player for both teams.

Super Bowl 58

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The latest Super Sunday was a gripping game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, as the Chiefs managed to hold on to the Lombardi Trophy in overtime.

History Created

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Kansas City Chiefs scored a late touchdown to claim the trophy, becoming only the second team in history to win the Super Bowl in overtime, but that probably wasn’t the only thing on the players’ minds.

Elevated Stakes in Super Bowl 58

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The Super Bowl 58 showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers goes beyond the coveted Lombardi Trophy and championship rings, as substantial prize money awaits the victorious team.

Biden’s Call for Fair Pricing

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Before the game, President Biden made an address to the nation about how snack companies are taking American consumers for “suckers,” reducing the amount of food and keeping the prices the same.

The players themselves wouldn’t need to worry about this, given the huge prize money on offer for the winner and even the losers.

Historical Super Bowl Payouts

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Reflecting on past Super Bowls, the winners of last year’s Super Bowl LVII, the Kansas City Chiefs, earned $157,000, while the losers, the Philadelphia Eagles, received $82,000.

Breakdown of 2023 NFL Playoff Prize Money

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The prize money breakdown for players included specific amounts for divisional playoff winners, conference championship winners, wildcard winners, Super Bowl winners, and even the unfortunate Super Bowl losers.

Chiefs’ Earnings Journey

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The Chiefs’ journey to the Super Bowl this year involved earnings of $50,500 for a wild-card win, another $50,500 for a divisional playoff victory, and $73,000 for clinching the AFC championship.

Increased Player Payouts

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After the Super Bowl win, Kansas City Chiefs’ players stand to earn an extra $164,000 in prize money, a $7,000 increase from the payouts in Super Bowl 57. 

Playoff Advancement and Additional Earnings

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Chiefs players are set to earn a stunning $338,000 per player for the Super Bowl win and other achievements leading up to it. 

49ERS Pipped to the Prize

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The 49ers, as the NFC’s No. 1 seed, missed out on securing the maximum of $333,000 on what was a thrilling Super Sunday.

Losing Side Payout

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Even though the 49ers didn’t get the win they were hoping for, the $89,000 payout could potentially soften the blow for the players on the losing side.

49ERS’ Earnings Expedition

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The 49ers also secured $45,500 for a wild-card weekend bye, an additional $50,500 for a divisional playoff triumph, and $73,000 for emerging victorious in the NFC championship.

Optimizing Playoff Performance

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It gets even more complicated, as not all players will receive the maximum bonuses. Players can maximize their playoff earnings by contributing significantly during both regular-season and playoff games.

Full Bonus Criteria

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Players only receive a full bonus if they’ve been on the field three times or more during the season and playoffs and are on the teamsheet for the Super Bowl.

If they’ve played any less than that, they only receive 50% of the bonus.

First-Year Player Considerations

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First-year players injured during the regular season but still under contract fall under the 50% bonus category.

Financial Recognition for Veteran Players

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Injured veteran players will receive a full bonus if they were under contract for the whole season, recognizing their contribution to the team.

A Growing Reward

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For the winning team of Super Bowl 59 next year, each player could earn a total of $171,000 each as the prize money continues to grow significantly each year.

2025 Loser Upgrade

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According to reports, players in the losing team for Super Bowl 59 in 2025 could see their prize money increase to $96,000.

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