Immigration Poised to Boost US Economy by $7 Trillion

There’s some good financial news in the air as the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has released some new figures indicating something huge for the U.S. economy: we’re in for an estimated $7 trillion boost in the next decade!

Economic Boost from Immigration

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What’s the momentum behind the CBO’s new estimates? Immigration. The CBO is expecting a mass influx of immigration to the U.S., which will supercharge the economy through increased productivity and more demand for goods and services.

The CBO believes that this will create a ripple effect across various sectors as CBO Director Phillip Swagel explained, “More workers mean more output, and that, in turn, leads to additional tax revenue.”

Revenue Surge Projection

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Swagel stated on Wednesday, “As a result of those changes in the labor force, we estimate that from 2023 to 2034, GDP will be greater by about $7 trillion, and revenues will be greater by about $1 trillion than they would have been otherwise.”

This additional revenue is expected to shrink the U.S.’s annual budget deficit to around 7% by 2034.

Optimistic Economic Outlook

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This optimistic outlook from the CBO is a sentiment shared by economists, who have long argued that immigration is vital to maintaining economic growth.

Productivity and Tax Revenue

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They argue that an increase in foreign workers will not only increase productivity but also generate additional tax revenue, resulting in healthier finances overall for the nation.

Rise in Net Immigration

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Net immigration has risen since 2022. According to Census data, immigration has recovered to pre-pandemic levels after falling sharply to just 0.16% during the pandemic.

A Boost to the Labor Force

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The CBO anticipates immigration numbers will stay high through 2026 and might boost the labor force by a massive 5.2 million by 2033.

Immigration as a Strength

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Despite being a controversial political issue, immigration has proven to be one of America’s strengths, setting it apart from other developed nations that are grappling with aging populations and declining workforces.

Demographic Contribution

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Immigration stimulates economic growth in part because of the diversity of people entering the nation. According to the CBO report, the majority of immigrants who arrive in the U.S. are between the ages of 25 and 54.

Because they are a group that will remain in the workforce for years and spend money regularly, this is excellent for the economy.

Housing Market Stimulus

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Beyond the immediate economic impact, the CBO report also notes that immigration will help out the housing market.

More people moving to the country between 2022 and 2026 means we’re likely to see more new houses being built in the later part of the 2020s. 

Immigration as a Driver of the Economy

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As these newcomers settle down and start families, the need for more homes will keep going up, which should boost construction and help the economy grow.

Federal Reserve’s Endorsement

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Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell echoed the CBO’s positive outlook on immigration, noting that immigrants tend to participate in the workforce at rates equal to or higher than native-born Americans.

Border Bill Context

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Interestingly, the CBO report coincided with Senate Republicans blocking a bipartisan border bill, a product of months of intense immigration negotiations.

An Electoral Focal Point

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Immigration is becoming a big deal in the upcoming elections because people from different sides of the political lines have different opinions about how it affects the future of the country.

Economic Versus Political Perspectives

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Economists have consistently stressed that immigration plays a crucial role in keeping the economy strong. They say it can help lower prices, support local industries, and create more job opportunities.

The need for migrants to maintain economic growth is becoming increasingly clear as the American population ages.

Divides Over Immigration

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While economists and Democrats celebrate the CBO’s findings, a Gallup poll from 2023 shows there is a stark partisan divide on immigration.

Republican Concerns

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Despite its proven economic benefits, 64% of Republicans expressed concern that immigrants make the economy worse, compared to 17% of Democrats.

When it comes to immigration, Republicans usually voice worries about the impact on domestic workers and the burden on resources.

Democratic Response

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Democrats have jumped on the CBO report as evidence of the positive contributions immigrants make to the economy, countering Republican skepticism with data-driven arguments.

Social Media Advocacy

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Democrats, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, took to social media to highlight the positive message conveyed by the CBO report.

Ocasio-Cortez stated, “Turns out immigrants aren’t ‘takers’ after all – they’re givers to the U.S. economy and essential to a sustainable future, especially if we want elder generations to age with dignity.”

Policy Challenges

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The impact of immigration on demographic trends and economic dynamics presents a challenge for policymakers.

They need to make the most of immigration to help the nation’s economy grow while balancing opposing interests and ensuring everyone benefits fairly. Only time will tell whether they succeed.

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