Starmer Pledges Complete Backing for UK’s Nuclear Defense Strategy

In an attempt to ease any worries regarding Labour’s attitude to nuclear arms, Keir Starmer will reassure voters and industry about the future of the industry. It’ll be reassuring to many, given his predecessor’s attitude to nuclear weapons.  

Geopolitical Landscape Has Changed

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Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the geopolitical landscape has changed dramatically. Where once a war with Russia seemed like a ludicrous concept, continued Russian aggression means the UK must be prepared.

Putin Makes Regular Threats Against the West

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Barely a week goes by where a reference to nuclear weapons, no matter how passing, is made by the Kremlin in response to western support for Ukraine. 

UK Maintains a Nuclear Deterrent

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The UK has always maintained a nuclear deterrent, and the government website says, “Since April 1969, the Royal Navy has maintained continuous at sea deterrence, with at least one nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarine patrolling the seas undetected at all times, ready to respond to the most extreme threats to the UK.”

Starmer to Visit Nuclear Submarine Operations in Barrow

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The Labour leader is making a trip to Barrow-in-Furness where the latest nuclear submarines are being built. He will be joined by Australian high commissioner to the UK, Stephen Smith, and the shadow defence secretary, John Healey.

Visit Will Reassure Workers and Public

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During the visit, Starmer will reassure both the general public and the workers in Barrow that should Labour win power, they will remain absolutely committed to maintaining and investing in our nuclear deterrent. 

Support for Industry Helps the Economy

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The reality is investment into the UK’s nuclear deterrent is a huge boost to our economy. The industry supports thousands of jobs across the shipyards and associated trades. 

Nuclear Deterrent Supports 30,000 UK Jobs

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The procurement, construction, running and maintenance of the nuclear deterrent is worth billions of pounds to the economy. Documentation from the Commons Library says the industry supports 30,000 jobs across the country.

Starmer to Reiterate Support to Aukus Security Pact

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This is a joint security pact signed between Australia, UK and USA. It sees the building of a fleet of nuclear submarines, and cooperation across security and defensive operations in the Indo-Pacific region.

Aukus Pact in Response to Chinese Aggression

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The pact was largely drawn up in response to China’s expansionist policies in the Pacific Ocean. It has already issued threats to Taiwan, and other world leaders are keen to ensure China is kept in line.

Labour Keen to Show Nuclear Commitment

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In an attempt to distance themselves from their recent past, Labour will use the visit to show commitment to the nuclear weapons industry. Former leader, Jeremy Corbyn, was an outspoken critic of nuclear weapons.

Opportunity to Show Evolution of Labour Party

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Party sources suggest this is another opportunity to put clear air between Corbyn’s Labour party, and the one led by Starmer. 

Strong Words of Support From Starmer

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His speech is expected to say, “The changed Labour party I lead knows that our nation’s defence must always come first. Labour’s commitment to our nuclear deterrent is total.”

Shadow Defence Secretary Supports Plans

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John Healey will say “Pride is the overwhelming feeling of defence industry workers, especially those in Barrow building our vital nuclear submarines. They are essential in securing Britain’s defences for the future.”

Direct References to Russian Aggression

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He will also say, “In the face of rising global threats and growing Russian aggression, the UK’s nuclear deterrent is the bedrock of Labour’s plan to keep Britain safe. It will ensure vital protection for the UK and our Nato allies in the years ahead, as well as supporting thousands of high-paying jobs across the UK.”

Western Allies Keen to Reiterate NATO Strength

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Although not a head of state, Starmer’s words will be another example of the Western powers reaffirming NATO commitment, hoping to show Putin that NATO will not be divided.

Public Support of Nuclear Weapons Strong

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According to Statista, only 15% of the British public would like to see nuclear weapons removed from our arsenal, so public support of the weapons remains strong.

Ultimately Security Must Come First

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Whilst the hope is nuclear weapons will never be used, in the face of Russian aggression and geopolitical tension, we must maintain a capability if we want to truly protect ourselves.

Economic Boost at a Much Needed Time

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When many industries are facing headwinds, the nuclear weapons workers will be delighted to hear that their jobs are safe, and that the likely future Prime Minister will be valuing their services and contribution to UK defence. 

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