Investigation Uncovers Unregulated £11 Gender-Blocking Hormones Accessible to Minors

An investigation has found that children have access to sex-blocking hormones on the internet. These hormones are available without prescription and can be bought for as little as £11 per month.  Cass Review Casts Doubt Over Medical Interventions Dr Hilary Cass was asked to review gender identity services offered by the NHS. Her conclusion was … Read more

Shoplifting Hits 20-Year Peak in England and Wales

Police forces in England and Wales reported over 430,000 shoplifting cases last year, up from 315,000 in the previous year. These figures are the highest in 20 years, prompting opposition parties to criticise policing budgets. Shocking Rise in Case Numbers Official police data in England and Wales shows that there were 430,104 cases of shoplifting … Read more

EU Study Links Obesity to Increased Sick Leave

A major European study has shown that obese workers are more likely to take days off through ill health than those at a healthy weight. 63.8% of UK Adults Overweight The study’s concern is the economic impact. Nearly 64% of UK adults are overweight, making the workforce particularly vulnerable to sickness absence.  The Greater the … Read more