Sick of It: Growing Public Discontent with Tory Leadership

According to an anonymous current Cabinet minister, the Prime Minister’s failures have led to the public’s disinterest in politics.

Public Perception of the Tories

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A Cabinet minister expressed concern that the current Conservative government have made the public lose interest in politics.

Scandals and a Recession

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With racism scandals, an economic crisis and failure to control illegal immigration, the Tories have allegedly lost all public interest in UK politics.

Public Have “Stopped Listening”

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The Cabinet minister remained anonymous in the interview but informed reporters that the public had “stopped listening” to the Tories.

Recent Polls Suggest Landslide Defeat

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The Tories also lie in second place in the polls behind Labour by a substantial amount as the latest poll revealed the extent of the potential landslide defeat.

Public “Tired” of Politics?

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The Cabinet minister argued that “The public have stopped listening. I think the public are a bit tired of politics in general.”

Tory Self-Indulgence

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The minister also accused the Tories of being self-indulgent rather than focusing on public needs, arguing that the public is “tired of Conservatives navel-gazing.”

Tories Sit In Second

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According to the latest poll, the Tories sit behind Labour by 19 percentage points as Labour is cruising at the top at 45%.

Reform UK Creeping Up

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Making things worse for the Tories, right-wing Party Reform UK is coming too close for comfort behind Sunak and the Conservatives.

Reform UK Gaining Momentum

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The Tories currently have 26% of the public vote while Reform UK, led by Richard Tice, sit just five points behind on 21%, recently gaining one point.

Is a General Election the Best Thing?

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The unnamed Cabinet minister suggested that a general election was the best thing for the Tories as it shifted the pressure onto Labour.

Putting Labour Under the Microscope

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The minister argued, “The best prospect now for the party is for Starmer and his policies to come under scrutiny” before announcing the “best way” for putting Labour under pressure.

Minister Urges Sunak for Election

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“The only way that happens is a general election and that’s your chance to put your manifesto forward,” the minister urged in a message to Sunak.

Labour Leader’s Pressure

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Although the Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has called on Sunak to announce an election date, the Prime Minister insisted he would wait until Autumn.

Spring Budget Failure

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In a recent PMQs session in Parliament, Sir Keir Starmer denounced the Spring Budget as the “Last desperate act of a party that failed,” urging Sunak for an election.

Sunak’s Worst Fears

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The budget announcement resulted in many Tory MPs resigning, while some even defected to the right-wing Party, Reform UK, which was a huge blow for Sunak.

Lack of Defense Spending

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Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced there would be no defence spending despite growing tensions worldwide that could potentially involve the UK.

Tory MPs Quit Before Election

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This resulted in Armed Forces Minister, James Heappey’s resignation, becoming one of over 60 Tory MPs jumping before being pushed in the general election.

Labour’s Landslide Extent

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The recent poll, conducted by Best for Britain, showed that Labour could be on its way to winning 468 seats in the next election.

1997 Landslide Comparison

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A landslide like this would be the largest Labour win since 1997 when Tony Blair became Prime Minister.

Sunak Waits for Election

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Although calls for an early election are deafening, Sunak is insisting the best thing to do is wait until the Autumn.

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