New Report Shows Dramatic Increase in Migrant Arrivals to the UK

Migrant levels in the UK have surged in 2024 as a report reveals thousands of migrants have already entered the country as of April.

Surge in Migrant Arrivals

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According to Home Office figures, thousands of migrants have arrived in the UK after crossing the English Channel since the beginning of the year.

Record Number of Migrants in 24 Hours

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A record amount of migrant crossings were recorded in the space of 24 hours earlier in March, with over 500 migrants reportedly entering British shores that day.

Easter Weekend Stats

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As of Easter weekend, the number of migrants had hit 4600, with statistics showing the figure will surpass 5000 in the coming weeks.

Saturday’s Crossings

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On the Saturday of Easter weekend alone, 349 individuals were detected crossing the English Channel in small boats from France.

2023 Numbers Explained

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In 2023, the number of migrants entering the UK via small boats reached almost 30,000 despite Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s efforts.

Sunak’s Pledge to “Stop the Boats”

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Sunak pledged to the public that his Conservative government would “Stop the boats” although the figures show that record numbers are still finding their way to the UK.

Record High

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The year 2024 has witnessed a record-high number of migrant arrivals in the first quarter, surpassing previous figures from 2022 and 2023.

A Perilous Journey

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The danger of the journey from France to the UK through the English Channel is a factor for the government urging criminal organisations to stop the crossing.

Losing Lives Across the Channel

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According to statistics from the Home Office, 71 migrants have lost their lives while attempting the journey in dangerous, small boats in the last six years.

Addressing the Crossings

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The government planned to put a stop to the people smuggling gangs by using a proposed Rwanda Bill as a reason for them not to come to the UK.

Issues With Rwanda Scheme

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The Rwanda Bill promised to send migrants to Rwanda although has stalled for nearly two years due to issues with human rights.

Rwanda as a “Deterrent”

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In a recent address to a crowd in the West Midlands, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that the Rwanda Bill would be a “deterrent” for people smugglers, claiming he would have flights up and running by the Spring.

Defeats in the House of Lords

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Recent defeats in the House of Lords have proved Sunak’s hopes of Spring flights won’t be happening after the Lords deemed the country unsafe.

Sunak Under Fire

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Sunak has come under fire from politicians because of the economic concerns about the Rwanda scheme, which could be costing the taxpayers greatly.

Watchdog Reveals Economic Strategy

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A watchdog recently revealed Sunak’s agreement to pay the country of Rwanda hundreds of thousands of pounds for each migrant that they take.

Covering Asylum Seeker’s “Essentials”

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According to the Watchdog, the National Audit Office, Sunak agreed to pay Rwanda £171,000 per asylum seeker to cover “essential” payments.

Sunak’s Asylum Seeker Incentive

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It was also revealed that Sunak would pay each migrant who chose to go to Rwanda voluntarily a sum of £3000 as an incentive.

Sunak’s Alleged Voting Scheme

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Politicians have slammed Sunak’s Rwanda proposal, claiming the Prime Minister is using the scheme to get votes from right-wing members of the public.

Slamming Sunak’s “Gimmick”

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Shadow Paymaster Jonathon Ashworth slammed the scheme as a “gimmick” that cost the taxpayer “half a billion pounds” before any flights have gone.

Sitting Behind Labour

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The Conservatives sit way behind Labour in the polls ahead of the general election while only being five percentage points ahead of Reform UK, the latest right-wing Party.

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