George Galloway, Rochdale MP, Condemns Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Anti-war politician George Galloway, who just won a seat in the Rochdale by-election, let his feelings about Prime Minister Rishi Sunak be heard, telling reporters “I despise the Prime Minister.”

Galloway’s Strong Reaction to Sunak

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The newly elected MP for Rochdale, George Galloway, didn’t mince words as he told reporters exactly how he felt about Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for his stance on the Gaza conflict.

“I Despise the PM”

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When asked questions about the Prime Minister, Galloway said, “I despise the Prime Minister,” in front of a crowd of his supporters after winning the Rochdale by-election with a landslide victory.

Galloway Hits Out at PM

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Galloway firmly rejected the idea of respecting the Prime Minister, arguing that “millions and millions” of the UK population felt exactly the same way.

Speaking for “Millions”

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Galloway insisted in his interview with Sam Coates, who has been criticised for the questions he asked, that, “Guess what? Millions and millions and millions of people in this country despise the Prime Minister.”

Sunak’s Response to Galloway’s Election

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Prime Minister Sunak argued that Galloway was backing “Hezbollah”, a Lebanese political party and militant group, calling his victory in Rochdale “beyond alarming” after his Workers Party of Britain defeated Labour and Conservative politicians in a landslide vote.

Galloway Denies Backing Hezbollah

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Galloway responded to the PM’s accusations of “backing Hezbollah” by saying “I don’t know what the glorifying of Hezbollah is all about but maybe he can tell me on Wednesday at Prime Minister’s Questions if he’s got the guts.”

Galloway’s Opinion on Sunak

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Referring to Rishi Sunak, Galloway told reporters “You talk as if (he) is God,” adding “Don’t talk to me as if he’s come down from the Mount with tablets of stone.”

Galloway’s Counterattack

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Galloway, who leads the Workers Party of Britain, dismissed Sunak’s standing, referring to him as “little Rishi Sunak” and downplaying his prime ministership.

Tragic Death Triggers By-Election

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The Rochdale by-election was full of twists and turns after it was triggered by the tragic death of former Labour MP Sir Tony Lloyd, resulting in a string of events that no one saw coming.

Labour MP Withdrawn

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Labour MP Azhar Ali was given the task to retain the seat for his party in Rochdale but was withdrawn by his party after making shocking claims that Israel “allowed” the attacks on October 7th to happen.

Galloway Secures Landslide Victory

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The people of Rochdale democratically decided that Galloway was to hold the seat for the Works Party of Britain, securing 38% of the votes and beating the Labour, Conservative and Reform UK campaigners.

Sunak’s Accusation Regarding Hezbollah

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Sunak accused Galloway of dismissing the significance of an event on October 7th and claimed that he was “endorsed by Nick Griffin, the racist former leader of the BNP.”

Galloway’s Denial and Challenge

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Galloway, however, denied any knowledge of Nick Griffin, asserting he had never met him. He challenged Sunak to clarify these accusations during Prime Minister’s Questions, “I really don’t know what he’s talking about,” he said.

Reform UK Not Happy With Results

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Richard Tice, leader of Reform UK, which is a rebrand of the UKIP Party, argued that the by-election result was “unfair”, suggesting, “now the polls have closed, people across the UK need to know the truth about this election campaign.”

Tice Argues for Democratic Standards to be Upheld

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Tice argued that specific candidates and supporters “fell very far short of this our traditional democratic standards” claiming his party members received “death threats” and were “refused entry” into certain buildings.

Former Tory MP Could Join Reform

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Tice has spoken out against the shocking rise in antisemitism in the UK, with his party potentially welcoming former Tory MP Lee Anderson who was suspended for what some called “Islamophobic” remarks.

Reform UK Would Welcome Braverman

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Members of Reform UK, such as former Brexit and UKIP Party leader Nigel Farage, said he would “welcome” former Home Secretary Suella Braverman who recently claimed that “Islamists and extremists” control the UK.

Galloway Denies Extremism Support

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Galloway has denied support for whom Sunak has called “extremists” arguing that he simply wants peace for the people living in Gaza who are facing tragedies every day.

Sunak Condemns Peaceful Protests

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Sunak recently spoke out against pro-Palestine peaceful protests in London, calling them “extremists” who are a “threat to our democracy” before condemning Galloway’s election victory as “concerning.”

Sunak’s Divisive Rhetoric

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Although Sunak claims the Rochdale election was “divisive”, the Prime Minister’s use of words such as “extremists” for those supporting a Muslim country is considerably divisive in itself.

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