Mark Zuckerberg’s Net Worth Surges by $28 Billion with Meta’s Earnings Exceeding Expectations

Meta’s quarterly results have been released, and it has seen Mark Zuckerberg’s already considerable wealth skyrocket despite low expectations.

An Incredible Net Worth

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg now has a $170.5 billion net worth, with Meta’s quarterly results adding a whopping $28 billion to his personal wealth. 

Soaring Beyond Expert Expectations

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Despite Wall Street’s less-than-stellar expectations for the tech multinational, Meta’s shares have shot up by approximately 20%. 

High on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index

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Zuckerberg is now sitting in 4th place on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, overtaking Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates.

His new net worth has made leaps and bounds since 2022, when his wealth was reported at just $35 billion.

Meta Beat the Odds

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Late 2022 saw tech stocks collapsing, but Meta and other tech conglomerates have overcome high inflation rates and interest rate increases.

A Considerable Dividend Payout

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Not only has his net worth soared, but Zuckerberg is set to receive $700 million in annual payouts as Meta prepares for its first-ever dividend payouts.

The First Round of Dividends

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Its quarterly cash dividends will amount to 50 cents a share, paid out by March 2024.

According to Bloomberg data, the co-founder and CEO will take home $175 million each quarter based on the 350 million shares he holds.

Zuckerberg Offloads Shares

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This latest surge comes about shortly after Zuckerberg offloaded millions of dollars worth of Meta shares, selling close to  $428 million worth of Meta shares over the course of November and December 2023. 

Ending a Two-Year Hiatus

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The move signalled the end of a two-year hiatus where he held all of his stocks in the conglomerate without selling, according to Bloomberg. He now owns approximately 13% of the company. 

Choosing to Be Realistic

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The recent decision to begin paying dividends to investors is also a signal, indicating that the social media giant is being realistic about their future growth.

Limited Options for Acquisition

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While other tech companies avoid dividends in order to spend their money on acquisitions and product development, Meta now has limited options for acquisition.

Keeping Investors Patient

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These recent moves are likely to keep investors interested. Increased investment in artificial intelligence and a planned $50 billion share buyback are sure to help, too.

21,000 Company Layoffs

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In general, there have been a series of priority changes, including 21,000 company layoffs in 2022 and 2023. As a result of these changes, Meta stock has almost tripled since last year. 

Large Estimated Executive Compensation

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While the data on Meta’s executive compensation has not been released for 2023, Zuckerberg made $27.1 million in compensation in 2022, according to company filings. 

Meta Worried About CEO Lifestyle

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Despite his significant personal financial gains in the last few years, Meta executives have also expressed fear and concern about their CEO’s personal lifestyle. 

Ranked Employees and “High-Risk Activities”

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The company’s annual financial report confirmed that Zuckerberg and other high-ranking employees have been engaging in “various high-risk activities, such as combat sports, extreme sports, and recreational aviation, which carry the risk of serious injury and death.”

“Material Adverse Impact” on Meta

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“If Mr. Zuckerberg were to become unavailable for any reason, there could be a material adverse impact on our operations,” Meta’s annual financial report filing elaborated. 

Other Personnel Could Be Affected

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“The loss of other key personnel, including members of management as well as key engineering, product development, marketing, and sales personnel, could also disrupt our operations and have an adverse effect on our business.”

An Active Lifestyle

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While the filing left out a lot of details, Zuckerberg is known for having active hobbies, including hydrofoiling, and has previously expressed a desire to get his pilot’s license. 

In the Boxing Ring With Musk

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This is not the first time in recent years that the Facebook founder’s public persona has attracted attention and criticism outside of the company.

Last summer, he made headlines after agreeing to go toe-to-toe in the boxing ring with Tesla and X CEO Elon Musk. 

No Serious Effect Yet

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Despite his at-times controversial out-of-work lifestyle, and his own company’s fear of “serious injury and death” it hasn’t had any effect on Meta’s value (yet).

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