Economist Nassim Taleb Warns of Soaring Debt’s ‘Death Spiral’ for U.S. Economy

“The Black Swan” author Nassim Taleb has stated that the U.S. economy is at the precipice of a “death spiral” over increasing debt and political mismanagement. A Dark Announcement At an event for investment management firm Universa Investments on Monday, economist and author Nassim Taleb issued an ominous warning, claiming that increasing U.S. debt will … Read more

Americans Increasingly Looking Overseas for New Opportunities, These 9 Countries Offer Easy Visa Paths

If you’ve ever considered leaving the U.S. for new opportunities, these countries should be near the top of your list, with some of the most straightforward visa requirements in the world for U.S. citizens. 9 Countries You Can Emigrate To With a constantly shifting political landscape and fears of recession on the horizon, many Americans … Read more

Racial Wealth Gap Widens as White Households Surge Ahead, Black Families Lag

New reports and analysis show that despite significant increases in employment and income during the COVID-19 pandemic, the wealth gap between white, Black, and Hispanic households has also increased. Pandemic Changes There have been many studies on the financial changes that took place throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. One recent report has shown that ongoing trends … Read more

Boeing CEO Announces Resignation After Major Press Issues and Safety Crisis

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun has announced his intention to step down as head of the major aerospace manufacturer following ongoing safety and security issues for the company. Tough Times for Boeing It’s been a rough few months for Boeing, one of America’s foremost aerospace manufacturers. And now, in the midst of growing concerns around aircraft … Read more

Democratic Campaigns Set Aside Donations Linked to Controversial Businessman

The president’s re-election campaign and a Democratic Party campaign committee have had to set aside $340,000 from a donor currently embroiled in fraud and misconduct allegations. Frozen Funds Joe Biden’s presidential re-election campaign has frozen hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of campaign donations from a donor who has been accused of fraud. The campaign office, … Read more

$6 Billion Student Debt Forgiveness Approved for Public Service Workers

Another round of nearly $6 billion in student debt forgiveness has been approved for 77,000 public service workers. $6b Loan Forgiveness President Biden has announced that nearly $6 billion in student loan debt would be canceled for 77,000 Americans who work in public services. The newest round of debt forgiveness came under the Public Service … Read more