Macron Cautions Against European Nationalists as ‘Hidden Brexiteers’ Amid Election Tensions

French President Macron has issued a stark warning that European nationalists are ‘hidden Brexiteers’, urging vigilance against their rise amid crucial elections and escalating tensions with Russia. Here’s the full story.

Nationalist Surge

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French President Emmanuel Macron has held up the UK’s disastrous decision to leave the EU, which just this week saw retailers warning of increased food prices due to new Brexit import checks coming into force, as a warning for other European nations, as nationalist sentiments like those which drove Brexit surge all over the continent. 

“Hidden Brexiteers”

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In a remarkably frank interview with The Economist, Macron raised severe concerns over the rise of nationalist parties, branding them “hidden Brexiteers” who threaten not just Europe’s unity and prosperity but also its security and ability to function as a cohesive bloc. 

Neo-Nazi Past

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His remarks come just before crucial elections for the EU, where far-right parties, some of which have neo-nazi pasts, are rapidly gaining ground against the more centrist alliances which govern the EU. 

“Wake Up!”

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Macron told the Economist, “I say to Europeans: Wake up. Wake up! They are hidden Brexiteers. All European nationalists are hidden Brexiteers. It’s all the same lies.”

“The Same Results”

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He added, “In the end, it’s the same results. And make no mistake. If you entrust the keys to people who think like they do, there is no reason why Europe should become a great power. No reason at all.”

EU Disintegration

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Macron was vocal in his fears that European nationalists could advocate for the disintegration of the European Union while still benefiting from its resources. 

“Out of the Euro”

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He reserved particular ire for Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) in France, which he said “wanted to pull out of Europe, out of the euro, out of everything.”

“True in Every Country”

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Macron added, “Now it no longer says anything. It’s reaping the benefits of Europe, while wanting to destroy it without saying anything. And that’s true in every country.”

Brexit Mistake

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Macron used Brexit, which consistent polling shows a sizable majority of the British public thinks was a mistake, as an example of the detrimental effects that could happen to Europe. 

“Brexit has Impoverished the United Kingdom”

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Macron stated, “Brexit has impoverished the United Kingdom. Brexit has done nothing to solve immigration in the UK. Well, despite that, some people think it doesn’t look so bad, but nobody dares to say that anything is wrong. And so nobody is taking responsibility for anything.”

Far Right Parties

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With European elections fast approaching, Macron also raised concerns over the surge in far-right parties across the EU, such as RN in France, Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) in Belgium, and Austria’s far-right Freedom Party (FPO), whose first leader was an SS officer.

“Spirit of Defeat”

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Macron used his interview with the Economist as a rallying cry for those who would oppose the far right, stating, “What kills me, in France as in Europe, is the spirit of defeat. The spirit of defeat means two things: you get used to it, and you stop fighting.”


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He added, “The second is ‘what’s-the-pointism’, cowardice. People look at the polls, but polls don’t make politics. It’s your ability to get things done that does. And so everyone says that nationalism is on the rise. Obviously, that’s simpler. But nationalists are distorting the European debate.”

Tense Moment

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Macron’s intervention comes at a particularly tense moment for Europe, not just as far-right parties are on the march but also as tensions continue to escalate with Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. 

“Not Ruling Anything Out”

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Macron has repeatedly refused to rule out sending French troops to Ukraine and continued to do so in the interview, saying he was “not ruling anything out because we are facing someone [Putin] who is not ruling anything out.”

“A Threat to European Security”

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Marcon, who has been one of the most vocal supporters of beleaguered Ukraine, which is now entering its second year of war against Putin’s Russia, called Russia “a power of regional destabilisation … a threat to European security.”

“Strategic Wake-Up Call”

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Macron added that should Russian troops break through Ukrainian lines, this would be a “strategic wake-up call” to all European nations. 

“Russia Cannot Win”

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Macron stated, “I have a clear strategic objective: Russia cannot win in Ukraine. If Russia wins in Ukraine, there will be no security in Europe.”

“What Security”

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He added, “Who can pretend that Russia will stop there? What security will there be for the other neighbouring countries, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Lithuania and the others?”

Critical Juncture

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Macron’s warning against the resurgence of nationalism comes at a critical juncture for Europe as, all across the continent, citizens look for an easy answer to a world that seems more unstable than at any time since the end of the Cold War. 

Far Right Threats

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Macron’s call to action pleads for collective responsibility in the face of far-right threats and rallies support for preserving the principles that guide the European project. 

Siren Call

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As the dark cloud of the far right falls across Europe and Britain continues to deal with the damaging fallout of Brexit, it is vital that neither fall for the siren call of far-right false promises, which has led to so much misery in Europe’s past. 

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