CIS Alleges Covert Operation Transported Over 300,000 Migrants

A recent freedom of information (FOI) request by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) against Joe Biden’s administration has allegedly revealed some hidden truths about Biden’s immigration efforts. Here’s the full story.

CIS Report Unveils Biden’s Alleged Flight Scheme

The CIS released a report based on a Freedom of Information request, which later turned into a lawsuit against the Biden administration for allegedly withholding information. Biden is accused of flying in over 300,000 “inadmissible aliens” into 43 different airports across the nation.

The CIS claims these flights were pre-approved through a mobile app, adding a layer of secrecy to the operation.

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) have allegedly refused to name the airports to which these migrants were flown, as well as the airports they departed from. This has fueled mass speculation and raised questions about the Biden administration’s accountability.

Fueling Speculation

Biden’s team has stated that they withheld information for security reasons. They argue that “Disclosing it could reveal operational vulnerabilities, such as the number of arrivals and resources expended at specific airports, which could be exploited by bad actors, ultimately undermining CBP’s efforts to secure the United States borders.”

Critics however, are arguing that the public has the right to know. 

GOP’s Letter to the Biden Administration

According to The National Desk, more than 20 acting GOP members issued a letter to the Biden administration calling for them to “immediately terminate” any flights, with Republican Congressman Russell Fry calling it an “America Last” practice on social media.

The letter states, “We are concerned that there could be additional illegal immigrants on the terrorist watch list who could be flown into cities across the United States.”

It continues, “The American people cannot afford more tragedies due to immigrants entering our country illegally” before requesting information about the flights, including airports, countries of origin, and arrival dates.”

Unveiling CBP One

The app in question is CBP One, a scheduling app that is part of the Biden administration’s broader strategy to create lawful entryways into the U.S. for immigrants.

The app has been criticized as there is little transparency or information about its inner workings. According to CIS, migrants can apply for temporary humanitarian release through the CBP One app, which, if approved, can grant them legal and work authorization for two years.

This so-called “parole program” was intended to ease the number of migrants crossing the border illegally. However, critics have questioned the legality of these programs and their effectiveness.

The app was initially intended for migrants to apply for asylum from their home countries.

CIS Claims Early Initiation of Parole Program

According to the CIS report, the Biden administration allegedly kept the details of this parole program under wraps, beginning it 19 months earlier than they publicly admitted. It also involved 93 countries, a lot more than the administration claimed would be involved.

Despite the government’s assertion that secrecy is necessary for national security reasons, critics—in particular, the CIS—argue that the public’s right to information outweighs these concerns. They claim transparency is crucial for holding the government accountable and ensuring informed decision-making.

The CIS intends to challenge the government’s refusal to disclose information and plans to litigate for a full release of all airport information, calling the entire situation “legally dubious.”

The Escalating Crisis at the Southern Border

Immigration has been a hot topic as the unprecedented crisis at the southern border has escalated. According to government statistics, the U.S. border patrol encountered almost 250,000 migrants crossing into the country in December, a record high. 

Americans are broadly dissatisfied with how things are progressing at the border. In a recent survey by the Pew Center, 80% of Americans said that Biden’s administration was doing a bad job handling the crisis. 45% said it was doing a very bad job.

This issue crosses party lines, as both Republicans and Democrats are critical of the government’s efforts. 

Biden’s Struggle for Border Security

Biden is trying to negotiate a deal to enforce border security, but Republicans are refusing to pass any legislation because they don’t believe his proposed measures are strong enough.

Recently, a bipartisan border bill seemed to be picking up steam but fell dead in the water after Donald Trump came out against it and asked Republicans to vote against it.

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