World’s Poorest Lose $1.5 Trillion as Top 5 Billionaires Double Wealth

A report from the charity Oxfam revealed that the world’s top five billionaires doubled their wealth in the same time it took for the world’s poorest 60% to lose a combined $1.5 trillion.

Wealth Disparity Unveiled

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Oxfam’s report reveals that the world’s five wealthiest individuals have increased their wealth by over 200% to $869 billion since 2020.

First Trillionaire on Horizon

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According to the reports, the world could have a trillionaire for the first time ever in as soon as the next ten years.

Oxfam’s Alarming Findings

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After the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, the report revealed the alarming contrast between the world’s richest and the world’s poorest 60%. 

The Poor Are Getting Poorer

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The report also noted that the world’s poorest 60% have experienced financial losses in the time it took for the super-rich to get richer.

Report Reveals Extent of Wealth Gap

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The report suggested that “almost five billion people globally have become poorer,” since 2020 while the billionaires doubled their wealth.

Davos Summit Reflection

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As political leaders and billionaires convened in Davos, Switzerland, the report predicted a further exacerbation of the wealth gap.

UN’s Poverty Goal

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Organizations such as the UN set itself a slightly optimistic Sustainable Development Goal 1 where it aimed to end world poverty by 2030.

Prolonged Poverty Forecast

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Oxfam warned that global poverty eradication might take another 229 years if current trends persist.

Pandemic’s Unequal Impact

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During the Covid pandemic, the report noted that billionaires’ wealth surged by $3.3 trillion, outpacing inflation.

US Poverty Crisis

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In the U.S., as of 2020, poverty had struck 11.4% of the population, the equivalent of around 37 million people.

Corporate Influence

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A report conducted by Inequality Inc. revealed that 70% of major corporations have a billionaire as CEO or principal shareholder.

Billionaires’ Financial Surge

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Data from Wealth X and Forbes showed the combined wealth of the top five billionaires increased by $464 billion, a staggering 114% rise.

Contrast With the Global Majority

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During the same period, the wealth of the poorest 60% of the world’s population dropped by 0.2% in real terms.

Global Workers’ Plight

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The report depicted a harsh reality for workers worldwide, with average real wages falling for 800 million workers across 52 countries.

Staggering Loss for Workers

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The report noted, “These workers have lost a combined $1.5tn over the last two years, equivalent to 25 days of lost wages for each worker.”

Corporate Profits Soar

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While workers face wage declines, 148 major corporations recorded a 52% increase in net profits, totaling $1.8 trillion.

Wealth Gap Leads to Lower Life Expectancy

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In a separate report conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association, the richest 1% of American men lived an average of 14.6 years longer than the poorest 1%.

Urgent Call for Wealth Tax

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Oxfam called for a wealth tax to address the imbalance, proposing that a 1-2% levy on British millionaires and billionaires could generate £22 billion annually.

Ignoring Our Own Peril

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“We ignore at our peril the role of monopoly power in redistributing wealth to the top,” said Oxfam America’s economic and racial justice director, Nabil Ahmed.

Oxfam’s Call for Government Intervention

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“Governments must intervene to break up monopolies, empower workers, tax these massive corporate profits and, crucially, invest in a new era of public goods and services,” Oxfam said in a statement.

Bridging the Gap

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Numerous research into the wealth gap revealed that it’s only getting worse while revealing links to lower life expectancy, showing that governments across the world must act to bridge it.

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