Who Will Become the First Trillionaire? Musk, Bezos, and Arnault Lead Wealth Race

We’re used to hearing about billionaires and their lavish lifestyles, but get ready for a whole new level of wealth – the trillionaire.

Oxfam’s Warning

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Oxfam, the charity organization fighting against poverty, says we might see the world’s first trillionaire within the next ten years.

Billionaire’s Bonus in 2020

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Between the years 2020 and 2021, the world saw the combined total wealth of all the world’s billionaires increase to $12.39 trillion.

Doubling Fortunes

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The five richest people globally have doubled their wealth to $869 billion since 2020, according to Oxfam.

The Wealth Champ

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Elon Musk is currently the richest person, with almost $250 billion, thanks to his companies Tesla and SpaceX.

Musk’s Money Rollercoaster

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Musk’s money has been growing by 162% every year for the last five years, mainly because of Tesla’s success.

Musk’s Possible Timeline

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Oxfam says if Musk’s wealth keeps growing like this, he might become a trillionaire in around 8.3 years.

Bezos’ Increased Wealth

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Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, significantly increased his wealth from $113 billion to $178 billion during 2020 and 2021.

Amazon Founder’s Trillionaire Path

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With $167.4 billion, Jeff Bezos might become a trillionaire in 10.6 years, even though his wealth has only grown by 1% a year.

Wealth Gap Reaches Staggering Figure

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The richest 10% of the world currently own about 76% of the world’s total wealth, showing a staggering wealth gap that Oxfam argues must be addressed.

Predicting the Future

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Oxfam thinks if the super-rich keep getting richer at the same speed, we could hit the trillion-dollar mark in about eight years.

Another Potential Trillionaire

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French business bigshot Bernard Arnault, in charge of LVMH, could hit the trillion-dollar club in 9.8 years.

Boosting Arnault’s Riches

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Arnault’s wealth has been growing by an average of 22% every year, thanks to LVMH’s luxury brands, and according to Forbes, his family has a total net worth of $210.8 billion.

Oracle Co-founder in the Race

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Larry Ellison, who co-founded Oracle, has a net worth of $139.3 billion and might join the trillionaire club in 11.4 years.

Investor Eyeing Trillionaire Status

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Warren Buffett, leading Berkshire Hathaway, could reach the trillionaire mark in 12.6 years with a 4% annual wealth increase. 

Facebook Founder Overtakes

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Despite his net worth of $126.3 billion, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has overtaken him since the report was created, adding a new contender.

Oxfam Wants Change

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Oxfam believes that the wealth gap can be reduced in many ways, which involves the super-rich sharing their wealth with certain aspects of society.

Oxfam’s Public Service Announcement

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Oxfam urges the super-rich to help societies by giving people access to public services, including healthcare, education, and food security.

Better Public Sector’s Required

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Most of Oxfam’s requirements to end the wealth gap involve providing people with easier access to things like public transportation and communication networks.

Gender and Racial Inequality

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To promote equal opportunities for communities with less chance of success, Oxfam suggests investing in changing laws surrounding gender and racial inequality.

Wealth Gap Going Strong

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As we approach the decade of the potential trillionaire, it’s clear that the wealth gap has some way to go before being resolved.

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