Trump’s Economic Crash Wish Sparks Public Backlash

Former President Trump recently made a statement about his wish for an economic crash within the next 12 months, but why don’t his followers condemn a politically motivated wish for a less-than-great America? Trump received notable backlash from a number of Democrats.

Trump’s High-Stakes Move

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Trump declared his expectation of a U.S. economic crash and expressed the hope that it would occur before a potential return to office in January 2025. 

Trump Isn’t “Normal” 

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“Normal candidates value [avoiding a recession]. Donald Trump is not a normal candidate,” notes Gordon Gray, vice president for economic policy at the American Action Forum.

Economy The Focal Point

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The state of the economy has become a focal point in the likely rematch between President Biden and Trump. 

Biden Vs. Trump

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While Trump views the pre-pandemic economy under his administration as a success, Biden’s team hails the “soft landing” achieved after taking office when there were many who were predicting a recession.

Trump’s Biggest Worry

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“Donald Trump’s greatest worry right now is that the economy is actually in very good condition,” observes Daniel Alpert, managing partner of Westwood Capital.

Hoping for a Crash

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In an interview on Lindell TV, Trump referred to the economy as “fragile” and expressed his desire for a crash within the next 12 months, citing a reluctance to be associated with Herbert Hoover, the president during the Great Depression. 

Trump’s Eerie Message

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“When there’s a crash,” Trump said, “I hope it’s going to be during this next 12 months because I don’t want to be Herbert Hoover,” he concluded.

A Strange Political Approach

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This is a completely unique strategy that Trump uses, hoping for economic turmoil to hurt Biden politically instead of showing his followers that he wants what’s best for the country.

Whitehouse Statement on Trump

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A Whitehouse spokesperson described it as, “A commander in chief’s duty is to always put the American people first; never to hope that hard-working families suffer economic pain for their own political benefit,” referring to Trump’s rhetoric.

Biden’s Economic Agenda

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President Biden, despite steering the economy through a rapid rebound from the COVID-19 recession, faces challenges in gaining political capital from these achievements. 

Biden’s Message Falls Flat

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While the annual inflation rate dropped, and financial markets rallied in 2023, Biden’s economic message struggled to resonate with voters.

Trump’s “Free Ride” Based On Inflation

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“He [Trump] understands that his free ride with the public right now is dependent on their bad memories of inflation,” argued Alpert, “[as] that fades over time, in November he could be up against a candidate who stewarded a very strong economy and the memories of inflation will have long passed.”

Trump’s Lack of Concern for People

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Trump’s comments prompted swift condemnation from Biden’s camp, with campaign manager Julie Chávez Rodríguez arguing that Trump “doesn’t give a damn about people.” 

Stark Analysis of Trump’s Comments

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Rodriguez also said, “In his relentless pursuit of power and retribution, Donald Trump is rooting for a reality where millions of Americans lose their jobs and live with the crushing anxiety of figuring out how to afford basic needs.”

Power Over Care

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The Democrats argue that Trump’s pursuit of power is overshadowing concerns for the American people, “The reason candidates don’t say that historically is because a recession is horrible for people,” said Gray.

Trump Lacks Value?

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“People lose their jobs, their houses, it takes them years — if ever they recover,” Gray continued, “Normal candidates value that,” he added, suggesting that Trump doesn’t.

Assessing Trump’s Remark

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Some experts find Trump’s comments concerning, “There’s an element of his rhetoric that is in no way novel and is entirely within keeping with campaign rhetoric, and then there’s a Trumpian excess,” noted Gordon Gray.

Trump Defies Conventional Wisdom

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Although he made a risky comment that could have easily turned some followers against him, it has not significantly impacted his polling numbers, but this isn’t the first time that’s happened, which makes it unsurprising.

Dictator Remarks Brushed Under Carpet

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Even after revealing his aspirations to be a dictator and making inflammatory statements about immigrants, Trump continues to poll above his GOP rivals and maintains a competitive position against Biden.

Downplaying Trump’s Rhetoric

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Although Trump continues to spout out his dangerous and controversial rhetoric, it doesn’t seem to affect him in the polls, which makes everyone wonder just how far it will go. 

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