Tory MP Joins Walkout, Dealing Significant Blow to Sunak Amid NHS Concerns

Yet another Tory MP has announced he is leaving the Party due to lack of NHS support, but this one will especially sting for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Here’s what we know.

Conservative MP’s Defection

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At a time when the Conservative Party is at its lowest for decades, another Tory MP has announced their defection to another Party.

Mass Tory Exodus

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Over 65 Tory MPs have already resigned ahead of the general election, which is expected to be announced in the Autumn.

Dan Poulter’s Defection

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Dan Poulter is the latest Tory MP to switch allegiance ahead of the election, although this one will sting much more than a resignation.

Defecting to the Enemy

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Poulter announced that he would be leaving the Tory Party at the end of this government and joining the Labour Party, which looks likely to form the next UK government.

NHS Underfunded

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Poulter cited the NHS as his main reason for his defection, claiming the current Tory government is not doing enough to fund it.

Admitting Tory Failure

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As a doctor himself, Poulter admitted it was becoming increasingly difficult to look his colleagues in the eye while being a member of the Conservative Party.

Poulter Couldn’t Look Colleagues in the Eye

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Poulter said, “I found it increasingly difficult to look my NHS colleagues in the eye,” while explaining what influenced his decision to leave the Party.

Patients and Constituents a Factor

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Poulter also insisted that he could no longer look his patients or constituents “in the eye with good conscience.”

Lack of Conservative Care

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Poulter admitted that the Conservative Party today is not the same as the one he was elected into in 2010, adding that there is now a lack of care for public services.

Former Health Minister to David Cameron

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Poulter was elected into the Party in 2010 before becoming David Cameron’s Health Minister in 2012, but now he admits the Tory Party is no longer the same.

Conservative Party “In a Very Different Place”

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Poulter insisted “I think the Conservative party today is in a very different place,” from when he served under Cameron.

Valuing Public Services

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Poulter revealed that the party valued public services back then, claiming, “The difficulty for the Conservative party is that the party I was elected into valued public services.”

Comparing With the Old Tory Party

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Poulter claimed that the Conservative Party of old had a more “compassionate view” about “supporting the more disadvantaged in society.”

A Blow for Sunak

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Now, Poulter insisted that things would improve only under a Labour government, which would have been particularly hard to hear from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Refusing to Trigger a By-Election

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Multiple by-elections have been triggered recently due to Tory resignations and scandals, and Poulter was questioned why he didn’t step down immediately to trigger one himself.

Seeing out the End of the Tories

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Poulter insisted, “Because there’s going to be an election very soon, it’s better to work for my constituents through to the end of this parliament.”

Tories Lash out at Poulter

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The Conservative Party released a statement regarding Poulter’s defection and support for Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, calling his decision “wrong.”

“Disappointing” News for the People

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According to the Conservative Party, the news is “disappointing” for the residents of Central Suffolk and North Ipswich.

Further Digs at Poulter

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The statement also examined Poulter’s work ethic, claiming, “It’s a shame Dan didn’t make more of an effort turning up to parliament to do the work he’s been paid to do if he feels so strongly about our NHS.”

Potential Landslide Defeat

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The news of Poulter’s defection only adds to Tory woes ahead of a general election that the Party is predicted to lose to Labour by a landslide.

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