Tories Face Wake-Up Call From Mega Election Poll – ‘Enough Is Enough’

A mega poll surveying nearly 20,000 British voters has predicted more Tory misery after months of scandals and resignations.

Labour’s Electoral Prospects

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A recent YouGov mega poll revealed the extent of the expected electoral landslide for the Labour Party in the upcoming general election.

Survey Details

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The survey, conducted with 18,000 individuals, indicated Labour could secure over 400 seats in Parliament.

Labour Ahead of Competition

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If Labour were to gain the predicted number of seats, the Party would hold 154 seats more than its opposition, giving Sir Kier Starmer clear dominance.

Comparing With Blair’s Victory

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After 14 years of the Tories in government, Labour will claim a landslide victory that exceeds Tony Blair’s victory over John Major in 1997.

Tories Battle Internal Issues

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The Conservative Party has battled a pandemic, internal strife, and numerous scandals, with the public and even its own MPs saying enough is enough.

Mass Tory Exodus

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Recently, a wave of more than 60 Tory MPs announced their resignation from the Party, with some even defecting to Reform UK.

Tory Party Showing Decline

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The Conservative Party is known to be on the decline, with the YouGov mega poll confirming this as the Party is expected to win just 155 seats.

Tory Seat Loss Revealed

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If the prediction proves true, the Tories will have lost 210 seats since they were reelected in 2019 under Boris Johnson’s leadership.

Tory Scandals Come to Light

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The Party has come under fire over the past four years for numerous scandals, including Boris Johnson’s infamous “Party Gate”, where he broke his own government’s lockdown laws.

Tory Donor Scandal

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Other scandals include Tory donor Frank Hester’s alleged racist and violent rhetoric targeting Labour politician Diane Abbott.

Hester’s Outrageous Comments

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Hester, who made donations of ten million pounds to the Party, suggested that Abbott made him “want to hate all black women,” before insisting she “should be shot.”

Tory Sexting Scandal

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The most recent scandal to come to light involved a Tory lawmaker who gave up personal contact details of his colleagues to an individual he met online.

Sunak’s Internal Strife

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As a result of these scandals, combined with many other reasons, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has faced internal strife within his own Party, with many displaying a lack of confidence in him.

Potential Ousting Taking Place

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Some Tory MPs were reported to be plotting against Sunak, potentially ousting him with Penny Mordaunt, the Conservative MP for Portsmouth North for the last 14 years.

Mordaunt’s Future As MP

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Despite narrowly losing out on multiple occasions to become leader of the Tory Party, Mordaunt’s political future looks to be sealed after the latest mega poll.

Mordaunt on the Verge of Seat Loss

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The poll indicated that Mordaunt would lose her seat as MP for Portsmouth North despite her dominance since 2010.

Significant Figures Set For Defeat

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Other MPs looking set for a defeat include Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, Defense Secretary Grant Shapps and Sir Ian Duncan Smith.

Liberal Democrats Gain Traction

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The poll also indicated that the Liberal Democrats will gain a significant amount of seats, bringing the total from 11 to 49.

Reform UK Snatches Tory MPs

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Right-wing Party, Reform UK, led by Richard Tice, recently snapped up former Tory MPs Lee Anderson and Dan Barker.

Sunak Laughs Off Election Claims

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The Conservatives have all but lost the general election, although Prime Minister Rishi Sunak still laughs off ideas that the election should happen before the scheduled time of Autumn.

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