Senate Advances $95 Billion Foreign Aid Bill Despite Trump’s Objections

A new bill that will provide $95 billion worth of foreign aid to Ukraine and Taiwan is likely to be passed by the Senate, despite Trump’s controversial comments at a South Carolina Rally.

Republican Push for Aid Package

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Despite Trump’s aggressive stance on foreign aid, more than a dozen Republicans proceeded with advancing a $95 billion foreign aid supplemental spending bill.

Senate Votes on Aid Bill

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The Senate voted 67-27 in favor of moving the foreign aid bill forward, excluding border provisions.

The Compromise Bill

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A separate bill was drawn up to compromise between foreign aid, most notably Ukraine’s war against Russia, and protecting the Southern Border after a record year of illegal immigrants entered the country.

The Senate did not agree upon this bill after Trump’s comments said it would do nothing to protect the border.

Trump’s Opposition to Foreign Aid

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Donald Trump vocalized his opposition to additional unconditional U.S. foreign aid by telling a crowd in South Carolina that he “would not protect” ally NATO countries if Russia invaded them.

Trump Proposes Loan

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Trump said in an online post, “From this point forward, are you listening U.S. Senate[?]” before arguing, “No money in the form of foreign aid should be given to any country unless it is done as a loan, not just a giveaway.”

Support for Ukraine and Taiwan

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The proposed bill has taken a step closer to passage, although nothing has been decided yet for sure.

It promises $95 billion of foreign aid for Ukraine’s war against Russia and Taiwan in its bid to defend against a potential invasion from China.

Uncertainty in Passage

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While the new bill that focuses on foreign aid and excludes border security measurements inches closer to passage, the lack of border security has stumbled the GOP.

Certain Republicans resisted the aid package, demanding amendments related to border policy changes.

Prior Blockage of Bipartisan Bill

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Republicans previously blocked the aforementioned border-foreign aid package, contending that it didn’t address the increasing issue of immigrants crossing the Southern Border.

Trump’s Role in Border-Aid Package Failure

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Trump played a role in undermining the bipartisan border-foreign aid bill, urging Republicans to block it with numerous online posts.

House Speaker Mike Johnson said that the bipartisan bill would be “dead on arrival” if the proposal reached his office.”

Schumer’s Accusation Against the Speaker

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Top Democrat Chuck Schumer accused Johnson of giving into Trump’s criticism instead of making his own opinion on the bill, “When President Trump came along and said he didn’t want to solve the border problem, that he wanted it as a campaign issue, Speaker Johnson obediently changed his tune,” Schumer argued.

GOP Senators Disregard Trump’s Opposition

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Fast forward one week and numerous GOP senators proceeded with the newly proposed foreign aid bill without significant concern about Trump’s opposition.

Trump’s Dig at NATO Countries

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Trump’s comments at a rally in South Carolina have also prompted criticism from Republicans, including one that called NATO countries “delinquent” for not adding enough financially to NATO.

Republican Senators’ Criticism

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Sen. Rand Paul called Trump’s remarks “stupid,” and the former Republican GOP candidate Chris Christie found them “absolutely inappropriate for a president of the United States or a candidate for president of the United States to be saying.”

McConnell Advocates for Aid

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell asserted his unwavering support for foreign aid, particularly to Ukraine, despite the internal GOP divisions, claiming it has “become quite fashionable” to remove the country from “global interests” and “bemoan the responsibilities of global leadership.”

McConnell’s Support for Global Leadership

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McConnell rejected dismissing global interests, asserting the importance of global leadership despite contrary opinions, “This is idle work for idle minds, and it has no place in the United States Senate,” he said, “American leadership matters. And it is in question.”

Biden’s Call Against “Neglect”

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President Joe Biden said the Senate would be guilty of “neglect” if they did not pass the foreign aid package.

Rubio’s Response

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Florida U.S. Senator Marc Rubio said that Trump’s comments were blown out of proportion, “He [Trump] didn’t pull us out of NATO, and American troops are stationed throughout Europe then as they are today.”

Downplaying Trump’s Russian Invasion Support

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Rubio continued to downplay Trump’s remarks that supported a Russian invasion of a U.S. ally, 

“He’s not a member of the council on foreign relations. He doesn’t talk like a traditional politician, and you’d think people could have figured that out by now,’ Rubio insisted.

Senate Democrats’ Response

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Senate Republicans had mixed reactions to Trump’s comments, and Senator Mike Rounds seemed unsure about them, “None of us want to see a war in Europe and I don’t think he does either,” he said.

Rounds Hopes Trump Will Defend Allies

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“Very clearly, we’re going to defend our NATO allies, and I’m quite certain the president does not want to see us in a war with Russia,” Rounds insisted.

The World Waits

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With the new foreign aid package looking likely to be passed, the world waits for Trump’s response as the former President seems to continue with his no-filter style.

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