Road Renaming Row: Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ Tactic Sparks Debate

One candidate for the role of London Mayor has urged a new tunnel to be renamed the “Sadiq Khan Tunnel,” but is it likely to happen?

Proposal for Renaming Tunnel

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A candidate for the role of London Mayor has considered renaming a tunnel after the current London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

New Name Request

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Rob Blackie, a Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate, proposed renaming a tunnel as the “Sadiq Khan Motorway.” 

Controversy Surrounding the Tunnel

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The Silvertown tunnel, scheduled to open in the summer of 2025, has sparked controversy due to concerns over increased traffic pollution in east and south-east London.

Toll and Tunnel Details

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Motorists using the tunnel will be subject to a toll, expected to be approximately £4 per crossing, with specific toll details to be disclosed later this year.

Khan’s Approval of Silvertown Tunnel

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The Silvertown tunnel’s proposals have been approved by the current Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, despite its controversial effects on air quality in certain areas of London.

ULEZ Irony

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Critics, including Rob Blackie, stress the irony of Khan approving this after his contentious ULEZ scheme that sought to reduce air pollution across London.

ULEZ Scheme Explained

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The ULEZ scheme issues hefty fines on drivers who travel through London in outdated vehicles, attempting to improve the air quality for residents.

Origin of the Silvertown Tunnel Project

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The concept of the Silvertown tunnel originated during Boris Johnson’s tenure as mayor but has faced criticism under Sadiq Khan’s leadership for defeating the object of the ULEZ scheme.

“Name and Shame” Sadiq Khan

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Liberal Democrat candidate Rob Blackie insisted that the tunnel should be renamed the “Sadiq Khan Tunnel” to “name and shame” the current Mayor whose ULEZ scheme has put him under huge scrutiny.

Polls Suggest Khan Victory

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The London mayoral election is scheduled for May 2nd, with the polls suggesting another four-year term for Sadiq Khan despite the ULEZ scheme.

Khan’s Alleged Refusal to Talk

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Blackie argued that Khan doesn’t do enough to talk about the £2 billion he’s spent on the Silvertown tunnel so far, claiming he’s hiding the irony on purpose.

Khan’s Deafening Silence

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Blackie claimed Khan wouldn’t even say the word ‘Silvertown’ in a recent meeting due to sheer embarrassment.

Khan’s Big Spending Spree

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“Sadiq Khan has spent £2bn on the Silvertown tunnel – more than anything else he has done,” Blackie insisted.

Refusing to Acknowledge Silvertown

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According to Blackie, Khan “virtually never talks about it. At a recent mayoral hustings, the Labour party representative wouldn’t even say the word ‘Silvertown’”.

Proposal for Renaming and Symbolic Gesture

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Blackie proposed renaming the tunnel after Sadiq Khan as a symbolic gesture to hold the mayor accountable for his decision to proceed with the project.

Mock Road Sign Unveiled

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During a demonstration near the tunnel entrance at North Greenwich, Blackie unveiled a mock road sign displaying the proposed name, “Sadiq Khan Motorway.”

Renaming the “Mess”

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“We will name this mess the ‘Sadiq Khan Motorway’. If he’s a fan of it, I would challenge him to live next to it,” Blackie insisted.

Election Pledge

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If elected, Blackie pledged to restrict the tunnel’s use to low-carbon vehicles and offer discounts to nearby residents, emphasizing a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Lib Dem’s Plan to Save South London

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“Sadly, it is too late to stop the road being built. But the Liberal Democrats have a plan to green the tunnel and make the best of the £2bn debt that the Mayor has left us,” Blackie said.

Polls Telling a Story

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Polls suggest that Londoners see Khan as the best person for the job, leading the Tory and Liberal Democrat candidates in the polls.

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