Ryanair CEO Praises Boeing’s Turnaround After Safety Concerns

After multiple emergency incidents on Boeing flights and 346 lives lost over the last few years, Ryanair’s CEO still believes the airplane manufacturer has safety as its “No. 1 Byword.”

From Criticizing to Commending Boeing Management

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Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary was once a stern critic of Boeing Airplanes, but now he’s praising them despite the backlash they’ve received in the last few months. 

CEO’s Stern Words

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O’Leary, who is the CEO of one of Europe’s largest low-budget airlines, referred to Boeing’s management as “headless chickens” in May 2022.

A Change In Tune

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O’Leary has now praised Boeing’s management, stating, “They are doing a good job. They are turning that company around.”

Ryanair’s Interest in U.S. Aircraft 

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O’Leary revealed that Ryanair is interested in acquiring unwanted Boeing 737 Max 10 aircraft from United Airlines.

A Willing Recipient

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O’Leary expressed the airline’s willingness to step in if United Airlines decides to delay or cancel any of its Max Boeing 737 orders.

Ryanair “Happy to Take” Max Aircrafts

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“If United Airlines wants to delay or cancel any of their Max Boeing 737 orders, Ryanair would be very happy to take them,” O’Leary said.

Confidence in Boeing’s Safety Measures

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O’Leary shards his confidence in Boeing’s safety measures despite recent incidents that sparked concerns, saying safety is Boeing’s “No. 1 byword” after inspections of the recently grounded Max aircraft.

Confidence In Boeing CEOs

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O’Leary insisted, “I have a lot of confidence both personally and professionally in [Boeing CEO] David Calhoun and in [CFO] Brian West.”

Ryanair Cuts After-Tax Profit Forecast

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Ryanair’s forecast for profit after tax this year was reduced to 1.85 billion Euros – 1.95 billion Euros from the larger sum of 2.05 billion Euros since they were removed from travel sites.

Lower Load Factor Challenges Ryanair

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The removal of Ryanair flights from travel sites, including Booking.com, Kiwi, and Kayak, resulted in the need for price drops to fill seats.

Ryanair Affected by Aircraft Delivery Delays

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Ryanair acknowledged the impact of Boeing’s production delays, expressing the urgency to receive the contracted 57 aircraft. 

A Push for Aircraft Production

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“We are pushing very hard with the entire Boeing team to ensure we get at least 50 aircrafts by the end of June,” said O’Leary.

A History of Faith in Boeing

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Ryanair has shown loyalty to Boeing regardless of its criticism, evidenced by its purchase of 75 Boeing Max jets in December 2020, the manufacturer’s largest order since the 2019 grounding.

Ryanair’s Struggles with Boeing

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Ryanair has faced aircraft delivery delays from Boeing in the past, including disputes over pricing and the “headless chickens” comment in May 2022.

Boeing Urged to Take “Real Action”

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United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby stressed that Boeing needed to take “real action” to improve quality.

2 Crashes, 346 Lives

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In 2019, two separate Boeing crashes in the same year resulted in the deaths of 346 crew and passengers.

Door Plug Incident Sparks Backlash

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Late in 2023, a major incident involving an Alaskan Airlines flight saw a Boeing plane make an emergency landing after a door plug blew out mid-flight.

Alaska Airlines’ Demand

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Alaska Airlines demanded a minimum $150 million reimbursement from Boeing after the door plug incident.

Boeing 737 Max 9 Flights Resume

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After a series of challenges, Boeing 737 Max 9 aircraft can take off again, with United Airlines and Alaska Airlines resuming flights after inspections.

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