Reform Advocate Criticizes UK Electoral System, Highlights Injustices in Rochdale

Reform UK leader Richard Tice has slammed the party’s recent defeat in the Rochdale by-election, saying that the public need to know the “truth” about the election that allegedly had “implications for our democracy.”

Tice Alleges Election Misconduct

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Richard Tice, leader of the right-wing political party Reform UK, asserted that the Rochdale by-election was not conducted fairly after the party lost out to Workers Party of Britain leader George Galloway.

Tice Worried About Democracy

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Tice said in a statement on his social media “Now the polls have closed, people across the UK need to know the truth about this election campaign” arguing it has “implications for our democracy.

Questions Surrounding Postal Votes

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Tice accused the people of Rochdale of abusing the Reform UK candidate Simon Danczuk, arguing that he was sent “death threats” and “vile racist abuse” along with allegedly abusing the postal vote system.

Tice’s Stern Statement

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Tice said in a statement that he believes “The behaviour of certain candidates and their supporters” was unacceptable, claiming his party was “refused entry to hustings in a public building.”

Outspoken Speech at Rochdale Count

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During the vote count in Rochdale, Tice, anticipating defeat, delivered an angry speech detailing various allegations of mistreatment against Reform UK’s campaign team.

Danczuk’s Role in the Battle

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Simon Danczuk, a former Labour MP, represented Reform UK in a contentious by-election, losing out to Galloway over his stern support for the people of Gaza during the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Galloway’s History In By-Elections

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Galloway has a history of anti-war campaigns, previously winning over the people of Bethnal Green in London and Bradford for his stance against the Iraq war, funded by former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Accusations of Mistreatment

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Tice accused certain candidates and their supporters of behaviour that fell short of “traditional” democratic standards, allegedly resulting in Galloway’s landslide victory.

Galloway’s Landslide Achievement

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Galloway won the vote in Rochdale’s by-election by a staggering 6000 votes, gaining 37.6% of the votes overall, with Reform UK only managing 6% of the votes.

Video Threat to Danczuk

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A disturbing video message allegedly targeted Danczuk, referring to him as “a white devil” and threatening violence, leading to one arrest from law enforcement who considered the matter closed.

Galloway’s Rejection of War

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Galloway was ousted from the Labour Party in 2003 for issuing his rejection of the Iraq war and has used similar tactics to show his opposition to the government’s current stance on the Israel conflict in Gaza.

Galloway’s Message to Starmer

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As Galloway was declared the newly appointed seat-holder for Rochdale, he declared in his first address to the public that “Keir Starmer, this is for Gaza”, accusing the Labour leader of “covering for the catastrophe presently going on in occupied Palestine.”

A Warning to Starmer

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Galloway warned Starmer, “You have paid and you will pay a high price for the role you have played” referring to Starmer’s lack of support for the Palestinian people who are currently in a crisis.

Labour Withdraws Support for Candidate

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Labour’s original candidate, Azhar Ali, was shown a withdrawal of support from his own party for making baseless accusations that Israel “allowed” the attack on its people by Hamas on October 7th as an excuse to go to war with Palestinian people.

Starmer Refuses to Accept Apology

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Ali has since apologised for his comments. However, Labour did not reinstate him as their Rochdale candidate with Keir Starmer saying he was forced to make a “decisive decision” on the former Labour candidate.

Firebomb Threat Against Reform UK

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Tice claimed that Reform UK business supporters were threatened with a firebomb attack during the campaign, “What we have witnessed and experienced in Rochdale is deeply disturbing,” Tice said.

Tragic Circumstances Surround By-Election

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The Rochdale by-election was triggered by the tragic death of former Labour MP and Rochdale seat holder Sir Tony Lloyd before Labour withdrew its support for Lloyd’s successor.

Tice In the News

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Richard Tice has been in the news a lot this year for showing his support for former Tory MP Lee Anderson’s comments, when he suggested “Islamists” had control of London, potentially explaining why the large Muslim population of Rochdale refused to vote for his party.

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