Intense Scrutiny on Labour’s Immigration Policy and Its True Intention

The Labour Party has announced a brand new scheme to tackle immigration in response to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda Bill.

Labour’s Counter-Terrorism Plans

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After the Conservative’s controversial Rwanda scheme finally got passed into British law, the Labour Party responded with a plan of its own.

Starmer’s Rwanda Alternative

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After months of criticism from the Labour Party regarding the Prime Minister’s Rwanda scheme, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has offered his alternative to stop the boats.

Sunak’s Rwanda “Gimmick”

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda scheme plans to launch flights within the next few weeks despite Labour’s concerns that it’s just a “gimmick.”

Rwanda Plan an “Insult”

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Starmer announced that the government’s current plan to tackle immigration is “an insult to anyone’s intelligence.”

New Border Security Command

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Labour plans to set up a new Border Security Command to tackle the people smugglers head-on, whereas the Rwanda scheme was supposed to be a “deterrent.”

Working With Europe

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If Labour wins the election, which is expected to be announced later in the year, Starmer will create a new Command focusing on working with the rest of Europe to tackle people smugglers.

Hiring Special Investigators

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The Command will feature hundreds of new recruits who specialise in intelligence and will investigate people smuggling gangs further.

Starmer’s Address to the Front Line

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Starmer insisted “Let’s be clear at the start, these are criminal enterprises we are dealing with,” in his address to the people of Kent, who sit on the frontline of the immigration crisis.

Exploitation of Vulnerable People

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Starmer accused the people smuggling gangs of exploiting “some of the most vulnerable people in the world” while putting them in danger, all to make a living.

Sunak’s Contentious Rwanda Plan

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda scheme has received heavy criticism from both the Labour Party and Sunak’s own MPs.

Tory MPs Quit Over Immigration

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Many Tory MPs have spoken out against Sunak’s immigration policies, and many have decided to resign or switch Party allegiance as a result.

Mass Tory Exodus

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Over 60 Tory MPs have resigned or defected to another Party since Sunak’s tenure, showing a lack of content with his ability to lead.

Elphicke Defects to Labour

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Natalie Elphicke was the latest Tory MP to defect, becoming the second Conservative to defect to Labour in just two weeks.

Immigration Policy a Factor

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Elphicke cited Sunak’s immigration policy as one of the reasons she decided to switch to her former rivals, the Labour Party.

Sunak “Failing” UK Borders

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Elphicke insisted that Sunak’s government “is failing to keep our borders safe and secure” and highlighted the record number of migrants entering the UK’s shores illegally.


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Despite her current views on the Labour Party, Elphicke wrote an article last year that claimed Labour has “no plan of their own to tackle illegal immigration.”

Labour MPs show Concerns

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Many Labour MPs have spoken out against Starmer’s decision to welcome Elphicke into the Party, citing concerns about her right-wing politics.

Issues With Elphicke

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One Labour MP called Elphicke “totally right-wing” while accusing her of supporting her husband through a domestic abuse case.

MP For Dover’s Concerns

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Starmer has since defended his decision, asking “What is the point of this failed government staggering on” if the MP for Dover disagrees with the immigration strategy.

The Future of Immigration

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Starmer hopes that the new border control Command will restore the public’s faith in immigration security.

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