Former Economic Director Praises Biden’s Success

A Republican and former economy director during Trump’s tenure as president has shocked a Fox News interviewer by praising Biden’s economic success and admitting he “Would be bragging about it, too.”

Kudlow Acknowledges Biden’s Economic Achievements

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Larry Kudlow, former director of the National Economic Council during the Trump era, conceded that President Biden has a right to boast about the positive economic numbers. 

“I Would Be Bragging About It, Too.”

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The former director admitted in an interview with Fox News that if he were the President, he would be “bragging about it, too.”

Honesty Is the Best Policy

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Kudlow, known for his roles in Republican administrations, maintained his stance as an “honest broker,” saying, “I’m an honest broker.” 

Surprising Kind Words

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Kudlow said about Biden, “He got a good 3.3 percent [gross domestic product] number for the fourth quarter, following a good 4.9 percent in the third quarter, OK. If I were he, I would be bragging about it, too.”

Inflation Decline Acknowledged

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Kudlow noted that inflation has come down, adding to the list of accomplishments that Biden can rightfully showcase, stating, “Mr. Biden is also right to brag on lower inflation. OK, got it.”

Understanding of Bragging Rights

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Kudlow suggested that bragging is fair game in politics, saying, “All’s fair in love, war and politics. Brag when you can. I get it. I’ve been there.”

Kudlow’s Critique of Biden’s Message

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Kudlow criticized Biden’s message despite the pleasant words about the economy, particularly his take on Trump’s economic policies during a Wisconsin speech.

Defending Trump’s Tax Cuts

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Kudlow criticized Biden’s claims about Trump’s detrimental effects on job outsourcing and wealth distribution.

Criticism of Biden’s Speech

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Kudlow stated about Biden, “He just can’t help himself,” calling Biden’s attack on Trump during the speech “Completely wrong.”

Biden’s “Trickle-Down Economics” Remark

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Playing a direct clip of Biden’s speech, Kudlow criticized the President’s characterization of Trump’s economic approach as “trickle-down economics.”

Trump’s “Different Course”

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“My predecessor, though, he chose a different course. Trickle-down economics, cut taxes for the very wealthy and big corporations, increasing the deficit significantly,” Biden said.

Biden’s Accusations of Trump

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Biden said, “That’s exactly what happened. He stripped good paying jobs and ship them overseas.”

Heaped Praise for Biden’s Numbers

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“Biden’s GDP improvement in the second half of last year is a good thing. I admit it. Alright, I’m being honest here. Those are the numbers,” Kudlow admitted, but it came with concerns.

Concerns Over GDP Growth Composition

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Kudlow expressed concern, stating, “What’s troubling about these GDP reports is that the biggest contributor to growth is government spending … This is unhealthy.”

The Unhealthy Aspect of Government Spending

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Kudlow warned that it may lead to inflationary pressures in the long run, expressing, “This is unhealthy, and ultimately it will prove to be inflationary.”

The Divergence in Public Trust

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Despite positive economic trends, a divergence exists as voters still express more trust in former President Trump’s economic prowess than in President Biden’s.

Trump’s Continued Popularity on Economic Matters

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Even as the economy grows, there is little indication that voters credit Biden for the improvements, with Trump maintaining popularity in handling economic issues.

Economy Woes for Haley

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The economy is becoming an important factor in the Presidential race as Trump leads in polls against his primary opponent, Nikki Haley.

Trump’s Lead in Hypothetical Rematches

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Experts are anticipating a rematch of the 2020 Trump vs Biden race, and in the hypothetical rematch so far, Trump has a 2.2 percentage point lead.

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