Detroit’s Economy Booms, Boosts Small Businesses

The combination of the Lions’ playoff success, the hard work of small businesses, and even Taylor Swift fever have been the ingredients for success, raising Detroit’s economic value substantially in the last few months.

Economic Implications of Lions’ Playoff Success

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The Detroit Lions’ recent playoff success and Taylor Swift fever are not only writing new history for the team but also having huge effects on the economy of the state.

A Boon for the Lions Franchise

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The Lions’ playoff run boosted merchandise sales and put the franchise’s value up by an impressive 43%, outpacing other NFL teams in 2023.

Former Michiganders Drive Merchandise Shortages

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Former Michiganders all over the country are fueling an unprecedented demand for Lions merchandise, resulting in shortages at Detroit-based sports shops.

Detroit Fever Heating Up

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Brian Bradley, owner of a Detroit-themed sports shop, said, “People come here a lot of times to get apparel to take back home as former Detroiters,” saying, “The energy right now is absolutely insane.”

Detroit Establishments Reap Rewards

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Local businesses in Detroit are experiencing a financial windfall as fans flock to downtown bars and watch parties, injecting millions into the local economy.

Millions Infused Into Detroit

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The first Lions playoff game in 32 years injected $20 million into Detroit, with the Lions-Buccaneers game estimated to bring over $50 million in economic impact.

Resale Ticket Prices Soar

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Resale ticket prices for the historic playoff game reached an average of $1,127 per seat, underscoring the extraordinary demand and economic significance.

Bars Thriving Despite Cold Weather

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Traditionally a slow month for bars in Detroit due to cold weather and low tourism, January witnesses a 50-55% increase in sales at establishments like Firebird Tavern.

A City on the Economic Rise

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Despite the critics, Detroit’s real estate market emerged as the fastest-appreciating metro area, showing off the city’s economic resurgence.

Lions Labeled “The Real America’s Team”

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The Detroit Lions have been labeled “The Real America’s Team” by news sources after it was revealed that 37 states want them to go the whole way and win.

Rebel Nell’s Economic Impact

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Collaborative initiatives like Rebel Nell’s jewelry line, incorporating historical artifacts from the Lions’ past, contribute to economic growth, with sales spiking by 63%.

A Good Cause

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Rebel Nell employs at-risk women to create sentimental jewelry, which includes limit edition products made from the fabric of Detroit Lions’ champion-winning jackets from the 1950s.

Skyrocketed Success

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The CEO of Rebel Nell, Amy Peterson, said that the jacket line  “was met with mediocre success,” until after the playoff success, where “it’s skyrocketed.”

Generations Looking Down With Pride

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“The watch party in heaven is really crowded,” said attorney and lifelong Detroit fan Tim Klisz, adding, “deceased fathers, brothers, uncles, grandpas up there, watching and rooting them on.” 

Lions Playoff Impact Comparable to Star Performers

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Visit Detroit estimated the Lions-Buccaneers game brought in over $50 million in economic impact, which was “on par with the likes of Taylor Swift,” after her two shows in the state brought in $25 million each.

Building a Sustainable Future

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The Lions’ current economic impact may just be the beginning, as the team’s success lays the foundation for sustainable economic growth and community development in Detroit.

Economic Prospects on the Horizon

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As the Lions approach the possibility of reaching the Super Bowl, the economic prospects for the city remain high, with potential watch parties and further tourism boosts.

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