London Alert: Cost-of-Living Increase Predicted to Severely Impact Residents

Londoners are being warned of multiple bills that are being increased despite the current cost-of-living crisis.

Introduction to Price Increases

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Londoners are bracing themselves for significant increases in bills, ranging from council tax to broadband and water charges.

Council Tax Hikes

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Local authorities are implementing a 5% increase in the average annual council tax bill, amounting to an additional £106 for an average Band D property.

Bolstering Public Services

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The additional cash is aimed at bolstering revenue for public services as funds are rapidly running dry.

Thames Water Under Fire

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Thames Water, the company providing water services to London and most of the South East of England, are under fire for what’s been described as “mismanagement” of finances.

Water and Sewerage Bill Rises

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The average household water and sewerage bill in England and Wales is set to surge by 6%, equating to approximately £27 more per year.

Thames Water Increase Bills By 40%

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Thames Water announced an increase in water bills across its customers in London and the South East by up to 40% to manage debts.

Rationale Behind Water Bill Hikes

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Water UK, representing the UK’s water companies, insisted that the raised funds are designated solely for enhancing the infrastructure surrounding England’s water system.

Water UK Promise Refunds

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Water UK also promised a refund in payments to the taxpayer if the companies fail to deliver improvements to the systems.

Enhanced Water Security

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David Henderson, Water UK’s Chief Executive, insisted that the increased funds would be used “to secure the security of our water supply in the future.”

Reducing Sewage Waste

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Henderson also claimed that a major clean-up operation is about to be underway, insisting the money would help “significantly reduce the amount of sewage in rivers and seas.”

Deadly Bacteria Found in the Thames

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Thames Water has been scrutinized for its alleged mishandling of toxic sewage waste after the deadly bacteria E. Coli was found in the Thames.

Politicians Scrutinize Thames Water

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Politicians, including Communities Secretary Michael Gove, accused the water company of putting its debt burdens on the taxpayer after “mismanaging” funds. 

Paying off Billions in Debt

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Gove revealed that the company has raked up £15 billion in debt, which it was looking to pay off using increased water bills.

Thames Water Leadership a “Disgrace”

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Gove called Thames Water’s actions a “Disgrace” before accusing the major water company of “taking advantage of the public.”

Broadband and Mobile Price Hikes

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Broadband and mobile phone contracts are on the verge of increasing by an average of 7.9% despite calls for a regulation on mobile price hikes.

Customers Urged To Check Phone Contracts

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Customers are urged to see whether they are nearing the end of their mobile phone contracts as the price hike could unexpectedly hit them in the coming weeks and months.

How to Prevent Overpaying

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A U-Switch spokesperson insisted that customers need to check to see if they are in or out of contract, and consider switching to a cheaper deal as soon as they are able to prevent overpaying.”

TV License Fee Increase

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With major TV broadcasters such as Sky and Virgin Media ready for a price hike, many have criticized the government’s decision to increase the TV license fee.

License Fee Rise Explained

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The TV license fee is set to increase by over £10 a year, going from £159 to £169.50, which must be paid in order to access public TV including streaming services legally.

Inflation Soars Past Wage Rate

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The rise in bill payments, especially for London households, has exacerbated the effects of the cost-of-living crisis as inflation continues to move faster than the average wage.

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