Controversial UK Campaign: Are Tourists No Longer Welcome?

Tourism has always been an economic boost for countries, but some countries are taking action to reduce foot traffic, and the UK has upped the ante. 

Different Treatments for Tourists

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Tourists feel unwanted, especially in the EU, as they clamp down to deter visitors. It’s not unusual for countries to treat tourists differently, and this can be seen in Asia a lot. 

Locals Call for Change

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Other EU countries have struck back, wanting their land treated better with less mass tourism. Amsterdam has launched a campaign to reduce tourists, Italy, namely Venice charges tourists a €5 fee daily to compensate for the seasonal chaos and some countries are resorting to demonstrations to lessen the tourism frequency.

Campaign to Stop Tourists

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The annual English Tourism Week 2024 was recently held. It is a well-known event held in the UK to celebrate tourism and English travel. It has recently ended, and the UK strikes back with a contrast on what they had just celebrated.

We Don’t Want Tourists

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The government started a social media campaign which had an unexpected anti-tourist vibe. This surprises all as it is a rather odd move in light of the celebrated tourism week.

A Bad End to English Tourism Week

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Bernard Donoghue, London’s recovery board co-chair, asks if everyone has lost the plot, ending English Tourism Week off on a negative note.

London Makes the Money

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London itself is a drawcard for tourists coming to Britain. It drives tourism in the UK, which in turn contributes readily to its steady economy.

The Gateway to the Rest of the UK

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London is the main gateway for incoming visitors and preserving its reputation as a good place to visit should be promoted at all costs, especially by those in power.

Votes for Reputation

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These ongoing negative campaigns and slurs paint the UK as a failed state and definitely aids the scaring off of potential tourists.

Conservatives Should Know Best

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The Conservative Party’s Headquarters are located in the heart of London, in Westminster. They are aware of the hustle and bustle of tourists and how they positively impact the UK, yet they have acted without considering the economic ramifications this campaign may have.

Labour Party to Blame for London’s State

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The Party has turned to social media to get the negative attention it feels will win it votes. It recently released a video depicting the city as dark and dangerous.

We Blame the Labour Party

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The ‘bad state’ of London has all fingers pointed at the Labour party with mention of a 54% rise in knife crimes and indications that London is the “crime capital of the world.”

Trashing of London Is Unacceptable

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“These reckless, alarming, scaremongering lies and trashing of London—we depend on domestic and overseas visitors—are appalling,” commented Donaghue, the Chair of London’s tourism recovery board.

Millions of Visitors per Year

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Every year Britain attracts huge volumes of tourists from all over the world with a notable 15,6  million international visitors in the UK in 2022 and a staggering 35,1 million in 2023.

Campaign Against Tourists

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The campaign against tourism began in October 2021 when Priti Patel, the former home secretary, banned the use of certain ID cards for people entering the country.

COVID Hit the UK Hard

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The banning of ID cards was a risky move considering the UK suffered heavily due to the 2020 COVID-pandemic. With a 73% decline in visitors to the UK and 78% in tourist spending.

200 Million Denied Access to UK

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This prohibition of insecure ID cards denies approximately 200 million EU citizens access to the UK as most use this as a form of identification and don’t own passports.

Inbound Tourists Make the Money

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A total contribution of travel and tourism to the UK’s GDP has risen by 40% from 2020-2023, but is no where near where they were pre-COVID.

EU Students Not Attending Language Schools

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The UK knows how to attract visitors, from their landmarks, food and shopping to their good schools. One attraction for inbound tourism was the education programs with groups of EU students attending language schools which has now sadly been halted.

Foreigner Versus Inhabitant

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Foreigner prices versus inhabitants prices has been around for a while. Many countries have initiated it for years, and people still flock to the respective countries, but there is an element of positive promotion that goes hand in hand, not defamation.

Time to Make a Change

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In 2020, tourists spent 14,2 billion in London contributing significantly. Let’s hope that the UK’s ruling party realizes the consequences of these campaigns and just how this will truly affect their state in the long run.

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