John Oliver Offers $1 Million and Luxury RV to Clarence Thomas – Retirement Considered?

There’s been quite the buzz lately surrounding U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and a jaw-dropping offer he received on HBO’s Last Week Tonight from comedian John Oliver. Let’s dive into the details.

John Oliver’s Million-Dollar Proposal

Oliver, known for his sharp wit, didn’t hold back when he proposed a huge deal to Justice Thomas. 

During the season 11 premiere of Last Week Tonight, Oliver extended an eye-popping offer: $1 million annually for life and a $2.4 million motorhome, all in exchange for Thomas’s resignation from the nation’s highest court.

Now, you might be wondering why Oliver made such a crazy offer. Well, it’s no secret that Justice Thomas has been in the hot seat lately. 

Controversies and Calls for Resignation

Questions have swirled about his ties to wealthy individuals like billionaire Republican Harlan Crow, sparking calls for his resignation or even impeachment.

Last year, a report by ProPublica uncovered some eye-opening findings about Justice Clarence Thomas. For more than twenty years, Thomas has been enjoying fancy trips without disclosing them. He’s been primarily receiving these perks from Harlan Crow.

Despite holding a public office with a salary of $285,000, Thomas frequented Crow’s superyacht, traveled on his private jet, and visited exclusive retreats and estates owned by Crow. Thomas also spent around a week at Crow’s secluded resort in the Adirondacks each summer.

Supreme Court Scandal

In a bombshell report released by ProPublica in late December 2023, Justice Clarence Thomas found himself caught up in further serious controversy. The exposé alleges that Thomas, dealing with some serious money troubles, tried some sketchy moves to get his fellow Supreme Court justices a pay rise.

According to the report, Thomas made a severe threat to wealthy friends, one of whom was a Republican senator, threatening to retire from the Supreme Court if the justices did not receive pay raises. Back then, Thomas earned $173,600 each year, which, with today’s inflation, would be over $300,000.

When Congress didn’t act on his demands, Thomas reportedly started raking in gifts like there was no tomorrow—from tires to extravagant vacations and even private school tuition. 

Democratic Lawmakers Demand Ethics Rules

This bombshell set off alarm bells for Democratic lawmakers, who are gunning for tighter ethics rules for conservative justices. 

The chatter around whether he should step down or face impeachment has been growing, and Oliver’s offer seems to be a tongue-in-cheek suggestion to make a swift exit. 

He suggested that Thomas might not be enjoying the pressures of his role. “Clarence Thomas is arguably the most consequential justice on the court right now, and he’s never really seemed to like the job. He said, ‘It’s not worth doing for the grief,'” Oliver remarked. “So what if he can keep the luxury perks he clearly enjoys without having to endure all of that grief?”

Oliver’s offer is straightforward: $1 million annually and an RV for Thomas’s lifetime in exchange for an immediate departure from the Supreme Court, never to return. The RV is valued at $2.4 million and is equipped with features fit for a king, including a king-size bed, a fireplace(!), and a residential-size fridge.

RV for Retirement

The RV is a nod to past controversies surrounding Thomas’s financial dealings. Questions arose regarding a 1999 loan from Anthony Welters, a healthcare industry magnate, which Thomas allegedly used to purchase a luxury recreational vehicle.

In Oliver’s own words, HBO isn’t footing the bill for this; he’s personally on the hook. “You can make me really regret this. I could be doing standup tours to pay for your retirement for years,” he jokingly remarked.

Despite the tempting offer, Oliver told Thomas not to take the deal lightly. He suggested that Thomas “talk it over with your totally best friend in the whole world,” his wife, Virginia “Ginni” Thomas, before making a choice. Ginni, a prominent lawyer and conservative activist, has faced her own share of scrutiny in the past.

Justice Thomas’s 30-Day Decision Dilemma

So, what does this mean for Justice Thomas? Well, he’s got 30 days to weigh his options. Will he take the money and drive off into retirement, leaving behind the pressures of the Supreme Court? Or will he stay the course and continue serving on the bench? Only time will tell as the countdown to his decision begins.

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