10 Standout Infrastructure Achievements in the UK

From feats of engineering that stitch the fabric of the country together to iconic structures that define its skyline, Britain has a proud history of infrastructure success. Here’s a toast to ten examples where Britain not only dreamt big but achieved big. #1. The London Underground The world’s first underground railway, the London Underground, is … Read more

The 15 Most Transformed Towns of 2024

In a striking showcase of transformation, towns across the UK have turned their fortunes around, bidding farewell to their dreary pasts and embracing vibrant futures. Here’s how they did it, from number 15 to the crowning number 1. #15. Workington, Cumbria Once burdened by industrial decline, Workington now thrives as a green energy and tech … Read more

15 UK Locations Facing Persistent Internet Woes

In the age of remote work, your dream of countryside living or relocating to a quaint English town might come with a significant catch: dodgy internet service. Here’s a heads-up on where buffering becomes a lifestyle. #1. Rural Cumbria Picturesque landscapes, yes, but some areas in rural Cumbria struggle with painfully slow broadband, making video … Read more

The Best Counties for Schools: Top 10 in the UK

For parents on the hunt for top-tier education, here’s where the academic magic happens in the top 10 counties for education.  #10. Cornwall Cornwall pairs its stunning views with schools that are quickly climbing the ranks. It’s not just the scenery that’s bright here. #9. Norfolk Norfolk’s schools, under wide open skies, are all about … Read more

15 Shocking Cases of Poor Living Conditions in the UK

In a country celebrated for its historic landmarks and groundbreaking infrastructure, the shadow of inadequate housing looms large. Despite efforts to improve living conditions, pockets of poverty persist, revealing a stark contrast to the UK’s global image. Here are 15 glaring examples of modern-day slums that challenge us to rethink inequality and urban neglect. #1. … Read more

UK’s 10 Least Desirable Places to Live

Here’s a look at the 10 worst places to live in the UK, based on statistical analysis and local sentiment, to help you understand the challenges residents may face in these areas. 1. Glasgow, Scotland High crime rates and economic struggles contribute to Glasgow’s reputation as one of the UK’s most challenging places to live. … Read more

Investigation Uncovers Unregulated £11 Gender-Blocking Hormones Accessible to Minors

An investigation has found that children have access to sex-blocking hormones on the internet. These hormones are available without prescription and can be bought for as little as £11 per month.  Cass Review Casts Doubt Over Medical Interventions Dr Hilary Cass was asked to review gender identity services offered by the NHS. Her conclusion was … Read more