Biden’s Border Crisis: Nearly 8 Million Migrants Expected

The United States is on track to experience a significant increase in its migrant population, with projections indicating nearly 8 million migrants by the end of September, a 167% rise over five years, attributed to President Biden’s border crisis and systemic issues within an outdated and underfunded immigration system. This surge exacerbates the backlog of migrants awaiting asylum decisions or deportation, further straining the already overstretched U.S. immigration infrastructure.

Increasing Migrant Population

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The number of migrants living in the United States is expected to increase dramatically this year. It has been projected that close to 8 million migrants will enter the U.S. by the end of September, which would mean an increase of 167% over the last five years.

Outdated Migration Systems

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Critics say this increase in migrants is caused by a border crisis steered by President Biden and his underfunded, outdated immigration system that is attempting to grapple with new border surges.

Continuing to Grow

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At the end of fiscal year 2023, the number of asylum seekers and other migrants within the “non-detained docket” had already been accounted for at over 6 million, with numbers continuing to grow with constant migrant inflow.

A Backlog of Migrants

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Among the migrants caught in the backlog, there are some 2 million people who are either scheduled for deportation or have criminal charges pending against them; others are simply awaiting final decisions on their applications for asylum. 

Staying in the States

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Due to the huge number of cases and the lack of an effective immigration system, there is a large possibility of millions staying in the U.S. without being deported, sometimes for years.

The DHS is Concerned

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The massive increase of migrants was first reported by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which sent documents to Congress detailing the problems they face with such a massive influx.

Lack of Space

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In the documents sent to Congress, the DHS says they are struggling with migrants awaiting deportation and decisions of asylum without being detained due to space limitations since ICE only has 40,000 beds.

Doubling Since Trump

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From the time of Donald Trump’s administration, the number of migrants has increased more than two-fold, from 3 million in the immigration court backlog to over 6 million. 

Fast-Growing Problems

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This increase reflects U.S. immigration’s systemic troubles in processing and dealing with its fast-growing migrant population.

Abbott Speak Out

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Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has expressed strong concerns about the current border situation, labeling it as an “invasion” and indicating that the United States is in “imminent danger” from what he describes as both “known and unknown terrorists” crossing the border every day. 

Upholding the Laws

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Governor Abbott also said that the only way to handle this migrant problem would be to elect a new President willing to uphold the U.S. Laws, specifically those that prevent illegal entries into the country.

A Simple End

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Governor Abbott said, “It ends very simply, that’s with a president of the United States who will actually fulfill their oath of office to enforce the laws of the United States of America, that means denying illegal entry into the country,” 

Record Migrants

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The number of attempts to illegally cross the US border by migrants in December topped 302,000, the most ever recorded in a single month and the first time in any month that more than 300,000 people crossed the border.

Pressure on the DHS

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These 300,000 migrants demonstrate the crushing pressure faced by the DHS from people coming in from all around the world and the urgency felt by officials to clear a backlog that has left millions in legal limbo.

Rejecting Texas Law

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In a recent, but relevant development, a federal judge has blocked a new Texas law, which provides power to the state police to arrest migrants who enter the country illegally. 

At Odds With Federal Immigration

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The Judge argued that it is at odds with federal immigration enforcement powers and the rights of migrants to seek asylum. The judge also rejected how Texas defined the migrant surge—an “invasion.”

Republican Critics

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Republicans, and former President Trump in particular, criticize the border situation, saying that these migrants present a national security risk, pointing to crimes committed by immigrants.

Counter Studies

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However, despite the claims that migrants will potentially bring violence into America, studies have found that immigrants have a lower violent crime rate than people born in the U.S.

Going to Congress

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The Biden administration has already made efforts to receive more money from Congress to confront problems at the border. 

Bipartisan Problems

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Negotiations over a possible bipartisan border deal seem unlikely, in part stymied by partisan disputes. On this issue, Republicans are digging in their heels and demanding more detentions and deportations.

ICE Spread Thin

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Unfortunately, increasing detention and deportations would continue to stretch ICE thin when it is already forcing planned cutbacks, even as thousands more desperate individuals continue to cross the border every day.

In Need of Investment

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Immigration experts, officials, and congressional sources all agreed that any long-term effort to choke off the illegal flow of people across the border would require substantially more investment in personnel and other resources.

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