Mike Rowe Criticizes Traditional Colleges, Calls for Change

Television host Mike Rowe recently spoke out with criticism against American universities. Harvard Under Fire Harvard University has come under fire over the past few months due to scathing accusations of antisemitism, plagiarism, and a host of other transgressions. Claudine Gay, Harvard’s first Black president, resigned after a historically short six months—the shortest presidency in … Read more

California Bans Restaurant Service Fees Starting July

California restaurants and delivery services will no longer be allowed to collect service fees from customers beginning this July. This news struck a nerve for business owners, and famed entrepreneur Jon Taffer spoke out against the new law. California’s Recent Wage Changes After the announcement recently that many California fast food workers would soon be … Read more

California Fast Food Workers to Earn $20 Per Hour; Execs Warn of Price Hikes

An executive from a major fast food brand has spoken out against California’s recent minimum wage increase, slamming the decision and promising price hikes for food as a result. California Raises Minimum Wage for Some Workers For some fast food employees in the state of California, their paychecks are about to get a nice big … Read more

IRS Slams Weight-Loss Ads: No Tax Deductions, Just Deceptive Claims

The IRS has issued a firm warning to taxpayers about falling for misleading advertisements from companies selling weight-loss foods and marketing them as medical supplies. Weight-Loss Companies Use Tax Season to Make Sales Tax season is in full swing, and unfortunately for many taxpayers, some companies are using the impending deadline to boost their sales.  … Read more

Disney Workers Demand Fair Pay, Exposing Wage Disparity Behind Luxury Resorts

Workers in Disney’s luxury resorts spend their days tending to wealthy vacationers but lack the resources to meet their own basic needs. Will a lawsuit change that? The Workers Behind the Magic In sunny Anaheim, California, millions of families spend thousands of their hard-earned dollars on resort vacations surrounded by their favorite Disney characters. For … Read more